The Unfortunates

Now, this is the first step before the countdown. We look back on those who are trailing at the rear, the ones people overlook or just plain don’t care about, give it up for The Unfortunates!

Hsu Hao

This guy got no love from the start but worry not my Mongolian friend. You have one person out there who loves you! But, that one person is not John Vogel, so, it looks like we can wave goodbye to our not so friendly neighborhood Mongolian. Maybe we will see him trying to get over the Great Wall of China someday…


Well, there’s someone out there who likes our Red Dragon leader. Because of his limited role in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, not many people got to know him the way they did his brother. Shame really, I thought he was kinda cool, but, it looks as though the fates are against the younger… erm… older… against the brother of Taven.


Hotaru got no love. Tied with Dairou and Meat, he got absolutely 0 votes! Looks as if the whole Law vs. Chaos story isn’t as popular as Boon would have liked it to be. Shame really, his costumes are cool and his fighting styles where quite effective. But, it looks as though people just don’t really care for this solider.


A character first renown for being broken and a mediocre storyline, Dairou was meant to be an assassin working for Shang Tsung, but, was scrapped until Deception, where he was another part of the whole Law vs. Chaos storyline. I guess people just didn’t get into his character, I didn’t either, nothing about him really stood out to me, and it appears it didn’t for anyone else either.


We all knew this was coming! The poorly received secret character, who some people first thought was Stryker. Bottom of the list, Mokap! I think we can all sleep soundly knowing Mokap will not be returning to our screens any time soon.