Character #2

With an astonishing 277 votes, da blue guy, Sub Zero was almost guaranteed 2nd place from the get go. Sub Zero is a descendant of a race of Cryomancers, an Outworld race possessing the ability to generate and control the powers of ice. Sub Zero first appeared on our screens in the original Mortal Kombat as an assassin sent to kill Shang Tsung. This Sub Zero was killed by Scorpion and became Noob Saibot. The Sub Zero who appeared in Mortal Kombat 2 is the younger brother of the one who Scorpion killed. He bears a scar on his right eye, which was one of the few things that separated him from being a copy of his brother. He was sent to Outworld along with Smoke to complete his brother’s mission. Sub-Zero fought against Scorpion, who he had learnt was the one who killed his brother. Scorpion beat Sub Zero, but spared him because he saw Sub Zero spare another fighter. Sub Zero and Smoke didn’t kill Shang Tsung, so they returned home only to find that the Lin Kuei had decided to turn their best warriors into cyborg assassins. Cyrax and Sektor had already undergone this process, but Sub-Zero and Smoke refused to participate and fled the clan, who declared them traitors. Sub Zero managed to escape his fate, but sentenced to death by the Lin Kuei. After Smoke’s automation, the Lin Kuei programmed the three cyborg assassins to hunt and terminate Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero eventually encountered Smoke and convinced him that he still had a soul and with his new ally, Sub-Zero battled and defeated both Sektor and Cyrax.

When Shinnok invaded Earthrealm, Raiden once again summoned Sub-Zero to assist in the defense of Earth. He brought to the battle information passed to him which could prove essential to Raiden in his mission to stop Shinnok. Sub-Zero, on his way to stop Shinnok, he met Scorpion, who attacked him believing Sub Zero was the one who killed his family and clan. Scorpion won and was going to kill Sub-Zero, when Quan Chi, convinced that Sub-Zero was about to die, readily admitted he killed his family and clan, not Sub Zero. Scorpion was transported to the Netherealm and took Quan Chi with him, leaving Sub Zero alone.

Sub Zero, after that ordeal, defeated Sektor for leadership of the Lin Kuei when he learnt of the grandmasters murder. Upon his victory, he moved the Lin Kuei to the Arctic and began training them as a force for good. Sub-Zero also came into possession of the Dragon Medallion, which enhanced his freezing powers to levels he had never thought possible at the sacrifice of him appearing older… I think that’s something we would all do really, so no fault of him there. Sub-Zero held a tournament at the Lin Kuei headquarters in order to recruit strong warriors, with Frost winning. Impressed by her (and probably so he could get her in his bed), Sub-Zero made Frost his apprentice. After Liu Kang’s murder at the hands of the Deadly Alliance, Raiden asked Sub-Zero to join him to fight for Earthrealm’s survival. Sub-Zero agreed so he could gain the respect of his fellow Lin Kuei and prove his worth to his clan and to himself. However, when Sub-Zero and Frost were separated from the other Earthrealm warriors on Outworld, Frost attempted to steal the Dragon Medallion. Unable to control the medallion’s powerful energies, she was consumed by her own freezing abilities and seemingly died. Sub-Zero searched for a place to bury Frost. Everyone he ever gets close to either dies or goes missing, he’s a jinx! Sub Zero found the ruins of an Outworld civilization capable of manipulating cold and after careful study and examination of this race, the cryomancers, he came to the realization that he and Frost were descendants of this race. Burying her, Sub-Zero took an ancient suit of armor found in the ruins and went to meet up with Raiden. Good thing he was delayed, otherwise he may have died as well… or maybe they would have lived! Nice one Subby, more people dead! Don’t you have all the luck?

He was ambushed by a hoard of tarkartans on the way there. He was unsure if he could have taken them all on, but a voice within Sub Zeros armor guided him and he defeated them all. This attracted the attention of Hotaru, but he was unable to get to Sub Zero and Kenshi, who he had found near death in the Living Forest. Sub Zero ran into Sareena in Outworld. Since she helped free his brother from his confines of the Netherealm and also helped defeat Quan Chi with him so many years ago, Sub-Zero offered her asylum within the Lin Kuei. Sub-Zero gave Sareena a small metallic object that would guide her and grant her access to the hidden Lin Kuei temple. They spotted Noob Saibot and Smoke head into the Netherealm. Sub-Zero ordered Sareena to wait for him at Lin Kuei temple as he went after the two, however Noob and Smoke knew they were being followed and attacked Sub-Zero in the Netherealm. Sub Zero would have been killed had Sareena not jumped in when he was knocked out. Upon awaking, Sareena had reverted back to her demonic form. Dazed and confused, Sub-Zero Sareena, who fled. Upon returning to his temple, Sub-Zero discovers many of his fellow Lin Kuei slain by Frost. Sub-Zero froze Frost in a solid block of ice and placed her frozen body in a shrine deep in the temple. Shortly after that he challenged Taven to a fight after he snuck into their temple. Before the outcome of the battle could be decided, Sub-Zero takes notice to the dragon tattoo he had on his face, commenting that it was similar to the one on the vault door containing the armor Taven’s mother left for him. Taven acquires the armor and the Lin Kuei Palace is invaded by Noob Saibot and Smoke who turn the Lin Kuei warriors into shadow demons. Sub Zero ran to face Noob Saibot, who defeated him, but Taven then saved Sub Zero, who thanked him and then began trying to find a way to turn his brother back. Apparently unsuccessful due to Noob being at Armageddon.

Sub Zero, like Raiden, is one of the few who is bound to return to the Mortal Kombat games in the future. He is one of the poster boys of the franchise and getting rid of him would upset a good number of fans. With the turn of Raiden, his knowledge of Shinnok, his ties to his brother, the Lin Kuei and his Cryomancer heritage, there is a lot still left for Sub Zeros story to explore.

Adam’s Input

Score! Subby himself comes in at number two. I get the strange feeling of déjà vu….

Grail’s Input

You really can’t argue with Sub-Zero being part of the top 15. Love him or hate him, he is still the only character that has been a part of EVERY single MK game. And for the nitpickers, Special Forces doesn’t count. :p As the “other” poster boy for the series, it’s safe to say that he’ll be around for many games to come. Personally, he’s my choice for the best of all time. Why? Simple : Character Development. Unlike his yellow counterpart, Sub Zero seems to have been given the most attention over the years. From his ‘pyjama’ MK3 outfit, to his MKD ‘Shredder’ getup, the Lin Kuei Grandmaster has benefited from the designers willingness to experiment. And for the most part, it has worked. Despite all of his meta-morphosis’ Sub-Zero still remains one of the most popular of all time and at the same time a force to be reckoned with in game. His freezing powers have taken many forms and each game he brings something new to the table. The development also comes from his complicated storyline including the passing of the name from one generation to the next, to the corruption of his clan and its resurrection at his hands. Let’s also not forget the fate of his older brother and his young female pupil. Wow – is there anything this guy CAN’T do? 10 out of 10 in my book.

Dave’s Input

This is another predictable second place spot. I can definitely see why Sub-Zero is perceived as one of the top characters knowing his kick ass freezing ability and interesting story background. However when I was first introduced to him back in the days of the original MK, I wasn’t overly impressed because he was basically the opposite of my favorite character Scorpion. Same look, different color and the opposite of fire. Still an overall great character deserving of his #2 spot, he just didn’t stick out as my all time favorite.