Character #1

Barely beating his Lin Kuei counterpart by 15 votes, Scorpion comes first in a hard fought battle. Scorpion was hired by Quan Chi to find a map in the Himalayas. However, Quan Chi had also requested for the services of Sub-Zero, Scorpion’s personal rival. Both Scorpion and Sub-Zero succeeded in getting to their destination, but the two met each other reaching for the same map they were sent out to acquire. The two rival warriors fought, with Sub-Zero gaining the advantage. Sub-Zero decapitated Scorpion, whose soul would fall into the pits of the Netherealm itself where he became a ninja spectre. Scorpion learned that the Lin Kuei, following his death, had also massacred his entire clan and family. Fueled by an undying rage and thirst for retribution, he vowed to kill Sub-Zero in retaliation for his own murder. Scorpion met Sub-Zero again in a brief encounter in the Netherealm. The two fought, but Sub-Zero defeated Scorpion again and escaped the undead assassin’s wrath.

Following his return to Earth, Sub-Zero was later invited to participate in Shang Tsung’s tournament of Mortal Kombat, Scorpion had been invited as well. While Scorpion and Sub-Zero did not meet during the actual tournament, they did meet in the closing moments, Scorpion fought Sub-Zero in another fight to the death. Proving to be too strong and powerful for the Lin Kuei warrior, Scorpion slew his nemesis and avenged his death. Third time lucky I guess. Shame the first cost him his life, he should be thankful, not many get another chance, lol! With that, he returned to the Netherealm. Scorpion then learned of Sub-Zero’s had somehow returned and his vengeance was incomplete. Scorpion returned to Earthrealm and followed Sub-Zero into the realm of Outworld, where Shao Kahn hosted the second tournament. Scorpion witnessed one of Sub-Zero’s battles, in which he saw Sub-Zero sparing the life of an opponent. Scorpion did not understand why the Lin Kuei warrior had grown so merciful. He came to the realization that this Sub-Zero was the younger brother of his murderer, who was sent to complete his brother’s failed mission. Scorpion then vowed not to harm this new Sub-Zero, as it was not the man who once killed him. He also vowed to be this new Sub-Zero’s guardian in atonement for killing his older brother. Scorpion was then summoned back to the damnation of the Netherealm, since he could not exact his revenge. What a waste of time…

When Shao Kahn tried to conquer the Netherealm, Scorpion was inadvertently set free and was enlisted into Shao Kahn’s forces. Scorpion’s allegiance with Shao Khan quickly dissolved when he discovered that Sub-Zero was one of Earth’s Chosen warriors and a target of Shao Kahn’s. He turned on Shao Kahn, and sided with the Earthrealm warriors in their final showdown. With Shao Khan and his minions defeated, Earth reverted back to normal, causing Scorpion to return to the Netherealm once more. Poor Scorpion, always being sent back to hell… again!

Quan Chi managed to make Scorpion believe that the younger Sub-Zero was involved with the murders of his family and clan. How, I don’t know, Scorpion seems to be a very gullible person, doesn’t he? Quan Chi offered him life in exchange for the spectre’s assistance in the war with the Elder Gods, which Scorpion accepted. Scorpion eventually caught up with Sub-Zero, the two fought, with Scorpion emerging the victor. As Scorpion stood triumphantly over Sub-Zero, the defeated warrior proclaiming innocence, Quan Chi appeared and revealed that he was the one who killed Scorpions family and clan. Quan Chi then attempted to send him back to the Netherealm, but Scorpion grabbed Quan Chi before the sorcerer could complete his spell, which sent both of them to the Netherealm.

For many years, Scorpion hunted Quan chi, who eventually managed to escape thanks to Moloch and Drahmin. Scorpion however still chased Quan Chi and managed to escape the Netherealm himself. In and out, in and out… when will he make up his mind? Anyway, Scorpion followed Quan Chi to Shang Tsung’s palace, where he once again fought Moloch and Drahmin, who this time beat Scorpion and threw him into the Soulnado. Scorpion managed to escape death, only to come face to face with the Elder Gods, who made him their champion and sent him back in order to kill Onaga. But he was not the one who killed Onaga, which meant Scorpion no longer served the Elder Gods. While the Elder Gods did fulfill their promise, to bring back his clan, they brought back the Shirai Ryu clan as hellspawned warriors. Enraged at what he perceived as their betrayal, Scorpion vows to gain vengeance on the Elder Gods by removing killing Taven and Daegon. However, he was unsuccessful in killing Taven.

Will Scorpion be in the next game? I’m sure he will, but whether or not he has a decent story or not is another case…

Adam’s Input

Oh look, Mr. Scorpion is the most popular MK character in the universe! Yay! No real surprise here. When MKNx last conducted a poll to find who the most popular MK characters ever created were, guess what… Raiden, Liu Kang, Sub Zero, and Scorpion came in the top 4. I guess the decision is unanimous now, right? Right? Just shake your head in agreement!

Grail’s Input

Revenge personified. I’m not sure who came first, Ghost Rider or Scorpion, but either way they have both become icons of revenge. Unfortunately for this ninja, that is just about ALL he has become. Instead of chasing Sub-Zero, he’s been after Quan Chi for the last few years. But you can’t deny that he has one of the most classic and well known catch cries ever. Even people who don’t know [i]anything[/i] about Mortal Kombat know the phrase “Come ‘ere!” His modern outfits could arguably be considered the best costume evolution of any of the old school characters. Now his story just needs to follow suit… (No pun intended)

Dave’s Input

As expected, the hell fire ninja specter comes out on top once again! As some of you know, Scorpion is my all time favorite character and naturally it’s a good feeling to know he’s just as appreciated with most MK fans as well. Now although the upcoming MK8 is said to feature an all new lineup of characters, let’s all take this moment to thank the man behind the character Mr. Ed Boon for ensuring us Scorpion WILL be in the next game in some capacity!