Character #6

Just two votes above Mileena, Reptile just takes 6th place. Reptile started off a now common trend in fighting games. Being a secret character that you had to work towards to fight against. This was expanded upon later to where you could unlock said characters, however, that’s a story for another time people. Reptile began as a story-less merger of Scorpion and Sub Zero, nicknamed Reptile due to his green color and Boon and Tobais’s idea of lizards. From there, his story was expended upon in Mortal Kombat 2, as well as being given his own special moves. He was Shang Tsung’s protector, ordered by Shao Kahn to make sure nothing happened to the sorcerer. However, after Shang’s defeat in the tournament, Reptile began working directly for Shao Kahn as a warrior in the Outworld tournament to try and take over Earthrealm however, this plan had failed as well, meaning Reptile had been defeated by someone. Reptile was told his race had been killed off and went into a frenzy, he was ordered to accompany Jade in capturing the recently escaped Princess Kitana. Reptile was given an incentive by being told if he succeeds, his race will be freed. This was a lie by Shao Kahn as he had killed them off many years ago, but, he didn’t need to fulfil this promise as Reptile failed in his mission because Jade had also turned traitor.

After Kahn’s defeat, Reptile was brought to Edenia and prosecuted for Genocide. Poor Reptile, his race suffers the same fate, he tries to earn their ‘freedom’ only to be tried for the crime done against them… irony. Anyway, he was sentenced to exile in the Netherealm, where he met Quan Chi and Shinnok, who promised to reunite him with his race if he did their bidding, which he did willingly. In his ending, it showed they would not have held true to their word either. After Shinnok’s defeat, he learnt that Kahn was alive and returned to serve him, even though he knew he was responsible for his races death. I’m guessing Khameleon told him this, but the question lies, why did he go back? Well, that was answered in his bio… he is now insane! He had begun a state of ‘Devolution’ reverting back to a more primal form. Reptile acted as a messenger for Kahn, informing Shang Tsung that the emperor summons him, on his way back, he got distracted by Nitara who showed Reptile the Edenian camp, however, this was a stall tactic so that the Deadly Alliance could kill Kahn unopposed. Reptile then served Nitara, attacking Cyrax so that Cyrax would also serve her. Reptile then learnt he was being used and hunted Nitara down. In the end however, he found she had gone and was transformed into Onaga.

After that, it is unknown how Reptile would have become separated from Onaga, but, we found that out thanks to the bios released thus far. Shujinko beat the crap out of Onaga, smashing the Kamidogu to pieces and about to lay the final blow when Nightwolf sucked Onaga’s spirit into the Netherealm, separating him from Reptile. From there, Reptile is next seen in the Red Dragon HQ. It is unknown why he was there, my best guess is that he was assigned to help Quan Chi by Shao Kahn, as it is likely that he went back to him again.

Will Reptile be in future games? It is hard to say really, he could easily be written out, but, there is more to him that could be used, like his relationship with Khameleon, anything related to Chameleon or even possibly divulge into a more neutral role of just governing his race and trying to bring back the Saurian’s. So, who knows, it’s really up to the creative team if they can come up with anything for him.

Adam’s Input

Sssssixth most popular Mortal Kombat character of all time is none other than Reptile baby! The first secret character to be featured in any versus-fighting game, this poor bastard embodies the archetype of the unhappy underling. This hideous bastard originally was the merge between the original Sub-Zero and Scorpion characters. I bet Ed Boon and John Tobias never thought Reppy would be as popular as he is today. Nonetheless, he developed into a full character with his own move set and arguably the most popular secret character of all time. Keep licking away my friend.

Grail’s Input

The first of the secret characters. Of course apart from being ridiculously hard to beat, he never really had a personality until MK2. Reptile was for a long time the “yes-man” of the series and in that respect I always felt sorry for him. You know, always copping grief at the hands of Shang Tsung, then Shao Kahn and even Shinnok. So when he got his chance to kick-ass and take some name as the revived Dragon King, I couldn’t be happier. I can’t help but think that he could have had a different, perhaps less “obvious” name but I suppose it’s too late to go back now. Unfortunately the one move that I thought was his trademark, the Forceballs have fallen by the wayside, victim of the transition to 3D. Shame.

Dave’s Input

Ah, our favorite reptilian ninja has made the top 10 list once again. Since Reptile’s hidden character involvement in the original MK was so well perceived by the fans, the MK Team had no choice but to make him playable in the sequel. I’m so glad that they did because Reptile instantly became a quick #2 favorite character of mine mostly because he was another “non human” ninja like Scorpion with kick ass moves and Fatalities. I’ll never forget those gory but humorous tongue eating Fatalities!