Character #8

Taking the eight position is someone who was forgotten in the last top character poll *stares at Dave*, Noob Saibot. Noob was like Smoke, a quick version of Scorpion, however, unlike Smoke he had one other advantage, most of the time you couldn’t see him because he was black and most of the background was black, this made Noob Saibot a very frustrating character to play against. Noob Saibot was also in Mortal Kombat 3, although he was a black version of Kano and had no story. It wasn’t until UMK: 3 when he was made a ninja again and given a story. In Mortal Kombat 3, he was ordered by a ‘higher power’ to join Kahn in his take over of Earthrealm, but, when the time was right, turn on him and aid the Earthrealm forces. It was in his ending that we found out who he served all this time, the fallen Elder God, Shinnok. Then, in Mortal Kombat 4, Noob served his master directly in his conquest of the realms, although a secret character in the end to make room for Reiko.

After Shinnok’s defeat, Noob then went onto serve Shao Kahn again, acting as his enforcer and being the one to have seemingly killed Goro. So, Kano can thank Noob Saibot for bringing the war to a stalemate. Then, Noob went from pawn to player. He found Smoke and programmed him to serve no one but him then went to take over the Netherealm, not only this, but we were informed that Noob Saibot is the dead older Brother of Sub Zero. He died by Scorpions’ hands during MK1 and was not heard of since, this was why he became the wraith, Noob Saibot. Noob has since gone back to work for Quan Chi and Shinnok, why? Who knows, his bio isn’t released and nor will it be, but i’m guessing he is doing it so that he can turn on them when he attains greater power. During Armageddon, he and Smoke invaded the Lin Kuei temple in order to turn them into shadow demons, but this was unsuccessful thanks in part to Taven.

I think as long as Sub Zero is in the games, Noob Saibot will be there as his main antagonist. He’s the older brother he once looked up to and cared for, now become one of the biggest evils throughout the realms. And we can all blame Scorpion for that one. In the end, I see Noob Saibot staying for quite sometime.

Adam’s Input

Wait a minute. Noob Saibot = Tobias Boon. Oh my, I finally cracked it! But who the hell is Tobias? It’s John Tobias, one of the original creators of the game, who is conveniently never mentioned in any sort of commentary or description on how MK began. That’s a sour deal. Noob, as he is commonly referred to as now, started off as yet another random palette swapped ninja to having a purpose and goal in the MK universe when he merged with Smoke. I heard they’re exchanging vows next month. Rock on Noob!

Grail’s Input

Now this guy I simply cannot understand. People are aware that he was created as the ultimate joke character, right? The creators names backwards? The simplest of palette swaps? C’mon!!! Whether it was fan influence or the insistence of Boon and Tobias, he certainly has stuck around making an appearance in almost every MK since his debut. However he was finally made interesting with his link to Sub-Zero in Deception. That and for the first time he wasn’t a straight palette swap. Also, I for one didn’t mind the pairing with Smoke. I thought it was a unique idea and something that was a first for MK. I’ve got a funny feeling we’ll continue to see Noob in some form as long as Sub-Zero continues to exist.

Dave’s Input

I had a lot of fun with this guy in his MK Trilogy debut. You could literally throw a paralyzing cloud at your opponent + a clone throw + teleport slam + his quick 4-hit 23% damage leg combo and repeat the process over and over. I was a little disappointed to see Noob make his 3-D debut in MK: Deception as a tag team with Smoke who were the “sub bosses” of Onaga but luckily we got a real taste of what Noob was really made of in last year’s MK: Armageddon.