Character #7

Making a very large jump for someone who wasn’t even in the last top characters kolumn, Mileena comes 7th in the top 15. Mileena is the evil clone of Princess Kitana, who was meant to replace the Edenian princess, however, Khan had grown to love Kitana and didn’t want her dead, but he kept Mileena anyway and introduced her to Kitana as her long lost sister, who would never take off her veil because she was horribly scarred. It was because Shang Tsung decided to use Tarkatan blood instead of human blood, well done there Shang Tsung, you idiot! Anyway, in MK2, Mileena was alongside Kitana, Baraka, Kintaro, Reptile and Shang Tsung as Kahn’s participants in the tournament. She discovered that Kitana planned to betray Kahn and attacked her sister and was seemingly killed by Kitana and sent to the Netherealm. It was there she encountered Shinnok, who revived her and ordered her to go back to Outworld and side with Kahn. I’m not sure if it was retconned or not, but she was ordered to do the same as Noob, betray Kahn when the time was right, she refused and Shinnok berated her, threatening to take her life back off her if she didn’t. So, she went back to serve Kahn, while really serving Shinnok, she was also given the power to read Kitana’s thoughts, though this seems to have been forgotten by Boon and co. After Khan’s defeat, she was summoned back to the Netherealm where eventually, Shinnok decided to ascend, bringing her and his other generals with him. However, her own agendas got in the way and she tried to kill Kitana again and failed again. This time however, Kitana decided to imprison her evil clone in the Edenian dungeons, where Mileena stayed for many years.

After spending years in the dungeons under the palace of Edenia, Mileena was freed by her lover, Baraka, and joined Onega’s forces and played the façade of Princess Kitana to fool the Edenian forces, however, after seeing the armies might against the Tarkatan forces, she begun to plot to take over Outworld herself, but, she had to kill Baraka in order to keep her identity secret. In her ending, she had apparently killed Baraka, but, according to Baraka’s ending, it was only a body double. Considering Mileena is alive during Armageddon, the second part of Baraka’s ending where he kills Mileena did not happen. According to Mileena’s bio, she was successful in taking Outworld, but gave up that power when Shao Kahn, who she had believed dead, arrived to reclaim his throne. She then acted as one of his generals once again, capturing Shujinko for Kahn who wanted to use the old man as a bargaining chip to get Onaga on his side. However, having tasted power for herself, she was no longer content with being a mere minion. Deciding that she was destined for greater things, and with Outworld out of her reach, sets her sights on ruling Edenia instead.

Will Mileena be successful? Probably not, as there are just as many Kitana fans as there are Mileena fans, so, its doubtful they would kill off Kitana, then again, they my not kill Mileena off either. So, it’s really up to Boon and co weather Mileena comes back or not, but, they probably will, as long as they keep Kitana as well.

Adam’s Input

Shockz0r coming in at lucky number 7! What a tease, huh? I mean she’s got all the goods… hot body, “pretty” facial features… but damn those teeth are f*&#ked up! I mean her teeth are so crooked, when she smiles her mouth looks like its throwing up gang signs. I guess you can’t expect much from an evil clone created by Shang Tsung… he must have been smoking the Mary Jane that day. Mary Jane not the right word for you? Maybe AK-47? Buddha? Purple Haze? Strawberry Haze? KB? Rhino? Beast? G13? Blueberry? Maui Howie? Shiva?

Grail’s Input

The evil bitch of the game. For all the goodness and purity that Kitana brings to the game, Mileena brings the complete opposite in spades. Isn’t that always the way with sisters though? Still, she plays her role to perfection and is only aided by her monstrous metal mouth. Like many of the characters from the MK2 era, her story remained largely the same until the later games where-upon she didn’t just want to destroy her sister, but she wanted power for herself. Evil is the word people! I suppose ones natural inclination means I never thought too highly of her, but for their to be heroes, there have to be villains and while she may not have the aura of Shao Kahn or Onaga, she’s certainly someone you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong sai of…

Dave’s Input

I guess it only makes sense to have the evil twin sister of Kitana to be voted in as well. This is another character I didn’t quite latch on to if you will when she made her debut alongside her sister in MKII. It wasn’t until MK: Deception until her character appeal grew on me mostly due to her “evilness” which became even more prominent in this installment. Other than the classic 2-D Fatalities when you’d get a brief look at her hideous face under the mask, I was pleased to see her 3-D debut in MK:D when she achieved one of if not the most disturbing Fatality (the face chew if you’re not sure what I’m referring to) in the history of the franchise.