Lord Paragon’s Top Character

I went through a stage where I didn’t have any specific favorite character. I picked who I was good with just so I could win. My favorite changed many times until it settled on just one character: Ermac. The ninja characters where always favorites of mine and playing Mortal Kombat Trilogy as a kid, I played through them all, first using old classics like Sub Zero, Scorpion and Reptile before playing through the ones I didn’t know. Out of them all, I found Ermac was the hardest to use. I knew how to do the fireball and teleport punch, but, he just seemed incomplete and it was by accident that I found what caught and kept my attention on him: Telekinesis. When I pulled that off his telekinetic slam move, I just fought ‘Wow, that was cool’. After playing as him more and more, I began to find long combo strings, sometimes even killing a character in just one long juggle combo and I had found a few of them. From that moment, Ermac had become my favorite.

I was excited when I heard he was going to be in Mortal Kombat Deception. After reading Kenshi’s bio and found out his was now on the side of good, I was eager to play as him and Boon did not disappoint me, his storyline appealed to me and his new look was one of the coolest designs I had seen. They gave him more telekinetic based moves, including the ability to float. Not only that, but in his ending he took on five of the greatest hero’s the realms had to offer and did it with ease. The question in my mind after seeing that was… how the hell did Kahn fail in taking Earthrealm when he had Ermac at his side? Out of all the ninjas, he was the most ‘magical based’ of them all. What also helped was that he was a very solid character. Ermac was a character I would use sparingly against people, only using them when I really wanted or needed to win. He isn’t an easy character to use as you had to play as him for a while and find out what worked the best and when to bring out his special moves before you could destroy an opponent. The fact he refers to himself as “we” instead of “I” was also a cool idea too. Just everything about him, to me, seemed very cool.

He may not be as prominent of a character as the likes of Scorpion, Sub Zero, Raiden or Liu Kang, but, with their popularity, comes their haters too, who think they are overrated. Ermac is one of the few characters I know who are quite popular and doesn’t have many haters. Looking at peoples favorites list, I see Ermac is in the top 10 of most of them, which just goes to show, although he many not be everyone’s top favorite, people like him. I hope Ermac is in the next gen games, he is a great character and I can’t wait to see what he will do next.

Lord Paragon’s Top 15

01. Ermac
02. Sub Zero
03. Smoke
04. Raiden
05. Reiko
06. Shao Kahn
07. Shinnok
08. Noob Saibot
09. Kung Lao
10. Sektor
11. Shang Tsung
12. Nitara
13. Kenshi
14. Reptile
15. Rain