Honorable Mentions

The countdown is about to begin, before that though , I’d like to bring up the few characters who came close to making it into the top 15 but didn’t quite make the cut.


Poor Cyrax, twice he is in the Honorable Mentions category, twice, he was just 1 vote away from making the cut. With cool moves, a nice design and a good storyline, Cyrax seemed destined for great things. It’s a shame his styles where so terrible, otherwise he may have had more fans. Well, maybe next time Cyrax.


A former member of the top 10, Sonya has fallen from grace with the coming of new characters and storylines by just 1 vote. She was one of the more prominent hero’s, but, since Deception, her story has taken a backseat to other characters. Well, we will always remember her for being in the original cast. Here’s hoping there is a happy ending to her story.


Many think he is overrated, others see him as nothing as a joke, however, they can’t deny his popularity with other fans. Only 3 votes away from making the top 15, the purple prince, Rain seems set on improving. Now being known as Taven’s step-brother, it looks as if Rain may be around for a little while longer.


I must applaud Taven for getting here. He was just 4 votes of making the top 15 and considering he was only in one game, that’s quite a feat. I quite like Taven, although his primary design is generic, his attitude is something we needed for a main character. Here’s hoping we see more development into his character in future storylines.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung missed out on the top 15 by 5 votes. Shang Tsung is one of those characters who just never seem to die. A very elegant and cunning man tied along with his knowledge of sorcery has made Shang Tsung out to be one of the hardest fighters in the entire M