Character #13

The Enigma of the Mortal Kombat world, I present to you number 13, Ermac! From being a rumored character, a rumor which proved to be false, he has become possibly one of the best characters in the game. To most, Ermac’s popularity is surprising considering he was just another pallet swap ninja, and until Mortal Kombat Deception, he was. But, it was what they did with his story that opened people’s eyes to him. A fusion of souls created to serve Shao Kahn, a being who wanted to atone for their crimes, one of the only magically gifted characters in the game, Ermac’s popularity grew very quickly.

In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, he had a very bland storyline. He was a general in Kahn’s armies who came to Earth to ‘prove his existence’. His ending was that he became so powerful he slew Kahn and took over his armies then brought a new wave of tyranny to the realms. He then went missing in Mortal Kombat 4 (gee, isn’t that becoming a popular line) and resurfaced in Kenshi’s bio, which stated that is was him who taught Kenshi telekinesis, this gave people an idea of what was to come. Then, in Deception he appeared with a new look, an upgrade in his story which had him talk like Venom, referring to himself as more then one being, and was even on the side of good. In his ending, which appears to be one of the few canon endings in Deception, he helps Liu Kang slap some sense into Johnny Cage, Jax, Sonya, Kung Lao and Kitana, taking on all five at once with ease. One man versus five of Earths best and winning, can’t get better then that.

Will Ermac be in future games? Most probably if you think about it. Steve Beran and Ed Boon himself said he liked Ermac and his moves. Even if he calls the move the wrong thing. LOL @ teleport slam. Anyway, with his current story and with him being a favorite of the main guys behind Mortal Kombat, Ermac has a very good chance of returning to your screens.

Adam’s Input

Suck it! The entity composed of legions of dead souls created by Shao Kahn comes in at number 13. Coincidence, I think not! Good ol’ Error Macro, I mean, uh, Ermac transformed from some random ninja guy to an insanely over character with an actual storyline and purpose. Nice job, now let’s boo-gie! Haha, I made another funny! I’m on a roll today.

Grail’s Input

Some people would argue that Ermac “debuted” in MK1. Whilst not technically correct, this is where the rumor-turned-character originated from. Probably helps explain his unusual popularity. Ermac was always that touch cooler cause of the mystery that surrounded him. The whole ‘being composed of many souls’ adds to the charm and sets him apart from over-powered ninjas and Elder Gods. He also pioneered the telekinetic moves. Well, if you don’t count Jean Grey. Prior to Deception he was on a long hiatus but both storyline and costume benefited as a result. I can see a place for him in a future Mortal Kombat.

Dave’s Input

Once again Ermac just comes up short of making it into the top 10 list this year. Before MK: Deception when Ermac made his return to the series with an all new look, I would have told you I’d be surprised he even made into the top 15. Luckily however, his MK:D and MK:A appearances have helped keep his character fresh and interesting while at the same time elevated his fan base to one of the most popular characters of today.