Dave’s Top Character

Like the majority of Mortal Kombat fans out there, Scorpion immediately caught my interest since day one. I was first introduced to the series with the original Mortal Kombat game and ever since I can remember, I’ve always selected the darker mysterious type of characters in fighting games and choosing Scorpion first was no exception to my tradition. Over the years, I’ve watched Scorpion’s popularity level skyrocket and I consider myself lucky that I’ve been following a character who’s made it into nearly all of the video games and both television shows/motion films. I am a very proud Scorpion fan and supporter and I believe that Scorpion is a big part of why Mortal Kombat is still going strong today.

As I previously stated, Scorpion’s appearance is a big part of why I got hooked on him. Sure, he has been one of the many masked male ninja look-a-likes with a different color but I’ve always been fascinated by his specter type form with no eyeballs symbolizing a key part in his “ghostly” look. Scorpion has always had one of the more interesting storylines in the Mortal Kombat timeline concerning his death and searching for his killer which is no different than his special moves. Scorpion’s spear is no doubt one of the coolest if not the coolest special move in the history of MK and the move itself wouldn’t be the same without his added classic “Get over here!”/”Come here!” quotes. Not only do his special moves go way back, the guy has always made great use of fire! I still to this day always look forward in seeing Scorpion’s next version of his classic “Toasty!” fatality when he unmasks revealing his true skeleton form and spewing a huge amount of fire frying his opponent to ashes. Out of all the finishing moves in the series, I still rank this one on top.

Thanks to Ed Boon for not only bringing us this amazing game series, Scorpion is also among Ed’s personal favorite as well! As I mentioned in my above Scorpion review, I’m so pleased that we haven’t seen the last of Scorpion in the upcoming MK8!

Dave’s Top 15

01. Scorpion
02. Reptile
03. Sub Zero
04. Liu Kang
05. Kitana
06. Quan Chi
07. Cyrax
08. Shang Tsung
09. Raiden
10. Kenshi
11. Shao Kahn
12. Johnny Cage
13. Baraka
14. Jax
15. Noob Saibot