Character #14

Probably one of the most surprising entrants in the top 15, we have Chameleon. Now, not much is known about Chameleon, a lot of it is just speculation. We know he worked for Shao Kahn and we know he can copy the other ninja’s moves, but other then that what is really known? Is he a Saurian or a totally new race all together? An enigma in every sense of the word. We got a little insight to his personality with his Mortal Kombat Armageddon ending, however, it was pretty generic. He wanted to be known as the Mortal Kombat Champion and defeating Blaze would ensure that. Many fans believe he is a Saurian, along with Reptile and Khameleon. This has never been truly confirmed by those at Midway.

Chameleon was good in Mortal Kombat Trilogy for those who didn’t want their opponent to know their game plan. Because of his random changes, he was a hard character to use, you had to know how to play as all of the ninja characters in order to be able to play as Chameleon effectively. Doing so however, really kept the opponent on their toes, because they never knew what would happen next. In Armageddon, this was changed to him having one move from every ninja character. Well, not every, they discount Smoke as a ninja now and, although he can change into black, he did not have one of Noob Saibot’s moves… Maybe Noob threatened to kick his ass or something if he stole one of his moves… He was still a good character to use, but, lack of storyline has not helped him much. In game and here, because now I’m out of things to write about him! Whether he will be in future installments is hard to say. He has little story, but that can work both ways, look at who’s stories they have pulled from nothing into something in the past. However, they may just decide to forget about him and move on.

Adam’s Input

How the hell did this happen? This has to be a joke right? Chameleon as the 14th most popular Mortal Kombat character of all time, I don’t buy it. I have a joke for you:

What’s the definition of a nervous breakdown?

A chameleon on a tartan rug!

Not funny? Well neither is Chameleon making this list. Zing!

Grail’s Input

You’re joking, right? This guy is in the top 15. One word: Why? Can’t say I have any particular love for this guy and with Ermac, is the only one who didn’t feature in MK2. Everyone knows that the ninja palette swap trick made MK the joke of the gaming world and this last ditch effort to get the most out of those sprites just epitomizes everything that is wrong about that era. I mean, if he had his own moves, it might be slightly better, but he couldn’t even do that! And to this day I don’t think he’s ever been given a proper story. Can we please skip this guy and forget he ever made it? Amen.

Dave’s Input

In a way I can see why the male counterpart of the female Khameleon made the cut. He’s a partial transparent ninja who possesses the colors and moves of the other seven ninjas Rain, Reptile, Noob, Classic Sub-Zero, Ermac, Scorpion and Human Smoke. Besides that, what really sets him apart for a deserving spot on this list? I’ll give him credit that he has his own unique look but he has no moves or finishers of his own which makes him dull and uninteresting in my opinion. If Khameleon had made this list, I’d tell you the exact same thing.