The Top MK Characters

The Second Coming

By Lord Paragon

Finally, we are here, the LONG overdue Top Mortal Kombat Character Kolumn! This was meant to be done for the sites initial launch, then it was meant to be done by Halloween, however, due to personal and academic reasons, it got put on the back burner. It then hit some delays over the Christmas holidays… however, finally, it is FINISHED! I decided to do an encore performance of AdamDMK’s and reppyreps’s Top Ten Characters in order to do something more fun then my last kolumn, which was in the end, just one large rant. However, due to the expanded roster I decided ten isn’t enough! I have increased the threshold of victory to fifteen. That way, people can really see who is the most popular and to make this even more special, I have also decided to mention those who came last, just so they get some love. Now, myself, Adam, Holy Grail and Dave decided to do what they did last time. Dave put up a poll asking you to vote for who was your favorite character, guests and forum member’s alike votes and after two weeks when the pole was closed we had over 1,300 votes, so, thank you all for taking part in this.

Now, there are many reasons people have voted these 15 characters to be top of the list, we all voted for our personal favorites and they are our favorites for different reasons. Be that because of how long they have been in the story itself, how they played, their look or because we could relate to that character. Myself, AdamDMK, Holy Grail and Dave Rosteck will deliver you your top 15 Mortal Kombat characters of all time as selected by you and your peers. Enjoy the show!