The Mortal Kombat Kontent Guide

In an effort to establish the first true “Nexus” of the Mortal Kombat community, DMK proudly presents the Mortal Kombat Kontent Guide. With a wealth of Mortal Kombat content spread across the far reaches of the fan community, DMK aims to make surfing for specific Mortal Kombat content or experiences easier by providing recommendations of where to go (essentially a one-stop-shop for Mortal Kombat).


Wait… what?

If it wasn’t obvious, we love Mortal Kombat at DMK – and we want to share Mortal Kombat with fans all over the world. DMK’s Kontent Guide combines the best of all Mortal Kombat sites to introduce fans of the franchise (and even average gaming fans) to the greater possibilities the Mortal Kombat community has to offer.

But why promote your competitors? Is this some sort of ploy to steal traffic from the other fan sites?

Absolutely not. We wouldn’t dare dream of attempting to make DMK the number one source of Mortal Kombat on our own. There are many Mortal Kombat sites out there that have catered to different things and it is of little merit to attempt to usurp those sites. Finally, we do not view other Mortal Kombat sites as our competitors. We all love Mortal Kombat and we all have a common goal of promoting and advertising the franchise and NetherRealm Studios.

Please note that this section is constantly being updated, so new sites will be added frequently.

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The Kontent


The Mortal Kombat Wiki

With over 1,500 pages on this wiki, this is the most comprehensive wiki dedicated to Mortal Kombat on the internet. You can literally spend hours reading through Mortal Kombat articles and entries.



One of DMK’s favorite Mortal Kombat fan sites, Kamidogu offers tons of game content, a terrific multimedia section, and even an iOS App. But one of Kamidogu’s greatest features is their exhaustive Encyclopedia/Reference section with hundreds of entries from characters to arenas to members of the development team. So if you need to brush up on who “King Jerrod” was, I highly recommend visiting Kamidogu’s reference section.


The Kombat Pavilion

Without a doubt, ]{0MBAT’s ‘The Kombat Pavilion’ is the greatest resource for Mortal Kombat Comics, Animations, Parodies and other fun items.

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*Also, a special thanks to DMK community member FlawlessVictory for the idea.