The Kolumn: Issue #06

Posted by adamDMK on May 27th, 2003

I have been asked a lot lately about the Mythology surrounding the Mortal Kombat universe. I’ll admit right now, the mythological storyline surrounding Mortal Kombat is one of the main elements that attracted me to becoming the Mortal Kombat fan-boy I am today. I simply can’t get enough of the story. In fact, whenever I purchased one of the games, be it Deadly Alliance or even Mortal Kombat Special Forces, I always read the storylines in the instruction manual before actually playing the video game itself.

Although, the story flawed in many ways, one can put it together with their own imagination and creativity. So I thought for the Kolumn #6, I could put the Mortal Kombat storyline together in my own way and make it as easy as possible for new fans to follow along. I will only follow the video game storylines (in chronological order of course) disavowing the storyline set for the movie or tv shows relating to the Mortal Kombat world. You ready?

Since the beginning of reality the gods existed in harmony on the plains of the heavens. But they felt the need to expand their reality, creating wonderful realms for which beings can inhabit. An Elder God was appointed to govern the realms with eons of untold wisdom. Some realms even had several gods, including the living Earth realm or early referred to as the Mother realm. The gods of the Earth realm would exist quietly without interfering with the everyday lives of the earth’s inhabitants, others are appointed by their elders to perform certain tasks.

After the Earth realm was fully formed, the elder god Shinnok was to govern it. But Shinnok gave in to greed and false illusions of power and decided to take the earth for himself, to rule over it with unmatched power. In order to enter the earth realm without the intervention of the other elder gods, he created a sacred amulet that could only be created once.

A young Raiden, Earth god of thunder and lightning, was appointed by the elder council to defend the Earth realm against the threat of Shinnok. The war began and the battles raged on between Shinnok and Raiden, plunging the planet into centuries of darkness. Raiden rose victorious and with the help of the true elder gods, he banished Shinnok into the Netherealm.

After the great dark age that covered the land, humans were called together to create a massive temple in the Himalayan Mountains, it was to house the sacred amulet and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Raiden appointed four guards to protect the amulet, each representing one of the four elements that make up the earth realm: Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire. Known by many names, these are the four elemental gods who are necessary in balancing the earth’s forces but can be extremely destructive to the earth’s inhabitants. So long as the Amulet remains in the earth realm, out of Shinnok’s reach, Shinnok would be trapped in his confines in the Nether world (Netherealm).

When the fallen elder god Shinnok arrived in the Netherealm, it was ruled by a fallen angel named Lucifer. The dregs of hell tortured and tormented Shinnok for thousands of years…

Years passed on and the inhabitants of Earth quickly forgot the name Shinnok. Earth flourished and continued to thrive for centuries. But elsewhere, everything was about to change. In a civilized realm similar to the Earth realm known as Edenia, invading warlords seeking conquest of the realm posed a threat the ruling King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. The Royal family used a fighting tournament to defend itself against the invaders. But a very powerful dark emperor Shao Kahn managed to successfully invade and conquer Edenia. He had slay King Jerrod and took his wife Sindel to be his own queen and the newly born Princess Kitana to be his own daughter. Kahn sapped the realm’s energies, causing Edenia to become a large wasteland known as The Outworld.

The thought of serving Shao Kahn eventually drove Queen Sindel to madness, she committed suicide at a young age. Kahn was enraged by this, he withheld her soul from moving on to a higher existence and used it as a token for his victory over Jarrod, as well as a constant reminder of his power to Princess Kitana. Over the years, Princess Kitana was trained as a personal assassin for Shao Kahn, working alongside her friend, Jade. Another of the many assassins trained to serve Shao Kahn was Rain, the son of a general in Edenia’s army who was killed by Kahn during his invasion.

Shao Kahn’s next target was the realm of earth…

To be Kontinued. Look for Part 2 of Kolumn issue #6 at the end of this week. Also look for forum member reppy_reps’ guest column sometime in the near future, personally can’t wait to see what reppy has in store for us.