Guest Issue #04 – Richard Walker

Posted by Richard Walker on September 21st, 2004

What did you think of when you saw the report on the front page of Dave’s MK? You know… the 1 million hits mark? I thought of a few things; first, congratulations. Yes, congratulations that 4+ years of hard work was definately being shown. Also I thought of, isn’t it amazing how much this site has achieved? Would you have thought 4+ years ago that this is what DMK would be? What’s that? You weren’t here 4 years ago? Well, neither was I. But I can tell you a tale of how DMK came to be this dominant. So sit back, and turn your attention to me.

February 21st 2000. Barely into the new millenium and a new MK fan site struck- DMK, of course! On an old Geocities account, Dave Rosteck made his creation using the now-considered-dead method- frames. Now back then there were zillions of MK wannabe sites, so DMK didn’t shine straight away, of course. There was a games section for the classic MK games, a guestbook, and an EzBoard forum that didn’t do so well. Yup, you’ll find those things on a MK site- in fact today if you were to create a MK site, that would be kind of be the unwritten minimum you would need. DMK attracted some fans, and kept them coming back for more.

When the disappointing MK: Special Forces hit the shelves, Dave was there to give us an informative walkthrough- something that not too many sites could’ve provided back then. This was helping the site get more and more popular, but DMK’s real break came in June 2000, when DMK won an award… the featured site of the month award, from MK Online, then known as MK5.ORG. A link over there was placed to DMK and the site got more and more visitors. It’s all good!

DMK recieved another award from another MK fan site- namely MK Empire. Again, this was a popular site and this was only a good thing for Dave and DMK. As more sections were added and regular news was given, DMK maintained it’s popularity and being kept fresh could only result in more visitors. And finally, the signs that the next MK game(Mortal Kombat 5, AKA MK: Deadly Alliance) was coming was making the people flood into DMK. The forum started to really get underway and it was almost like DMK was rising from nowhere to MK fan site stardom!

Of course, this success was coming at a price. Bandwidth was becoming an issue in need of being dealt with, because of all the visitors. Cue’s affiliate network. DMK moved from Geocities to a new address and server with TheThreshold, and now this meant DMK would be getting visitors from I imagine Dave was feelin’ real good with himself, eh Dave? OK, no more rhetorical questions.

Dave and DMK was maintaining it’s popularity well, with fresh news and updates regularly. The site was becoming a hit, and no longer was it being considered ‘new’, or ‘green’. The updates were being fired at us from all angles- a movies section, action figures, and various other little tid-bits, and of course the regular MK news, as MK: Deadly Alliance was beginning to slowly surface. And all this before DMK’s first birthday in February 2001. As we know, most MK sites don’t make it to a year, due to severe neglect from the webmaster(s), so this was a big milestone for DMK. Also the site got yet another award from the now defunct MKLiuKang’s MK Home page!

At this point, DMK is doing really well. Decent hits, decent forum activity, decent praise. Now as more news on MK: Deadly Alliance was surfacing, the fans wanted to know more. Because DMK couldn’t give more info than Dave was told, many visitors began surrendering to sites with a chatroom, hoping to get more info. This caused DMK to run slower than before(Not literally, silly rabbit). Nonetheless, DMK still achieved 100, 000 hits in July(Which would later be multiplied by 10 in the years to come, lol)!

The slow time for DMK continued, until August cometh. The first images of MK: DA were released. People were now buzzing, and lots of the little buzzards came to DMK. News was begginning to surface in large, unexpected amounts for MK: DA and again DMK benefitted. Also people wanted more for the upcoming disappointment MK Advance, and DMK naturally was the first with a section up(It wasn’t THAT hard to compile).

The world entered 2002, and this, IMO, was the biggest year for DMK. In January DMK moved to vBulletin forums, leaving crappy EzBoard in the dust. More MK: DA news was coming in, and just when it looked like DMK was getting old… came February 2002, when DMK moved to it’s domain name you see today, and a new design, absolutley stunning visitors, including myself. DMK had never been better, and with the amount of MK: DA news being shoved into our news sites, this was the perfect time. And the forums moved once again, this to their own subdomain on the site. It seemed the only was up for DMK, as the site became THE ultimate MK source.

Roll on the next 9 months. DMK was doing great- joining and leaving the now dead MK Alliance forum and chat, the forums getting more and more popular, and various other things. But most importantly, I came to DMK. lol No really, most important was the MK: DA news was coming in. Many images, gameplay videos, all the hype from MK: DA was on DMK in all it’s glory. Finally, the agonizing wait was over. MK: DA was released on Fatality Friday: 22nd November 2002. Then joined enthusiastic, witty, and just plain cool staff member Adam Cercone, with the Kolumn(You know, this thing?!. DMK was coming up rapidly with MK: DA moves, which of course did total wonders for the hits, and visitors to DMK, as most were looking for movelists for the newly found MK game. The forums were exploding with new posts every day, the compliments were piling in… oh yes. Just the way Dave liked it.

MK: Tournament Edition was announced. It was a GameBoy exclusive, meaning that it would attract a certain crowd of people to visit DMK and get news. The site also hit 3 years of dominance in the MK kommunity. Unlike previous events, I was there to witness this one and congratulate our gracious webmasters. DMK was doing great. But at this point it began to crumble. The forums began to get frequent database errors, and the updates were coming at 2 or 3 per month. A sign that something wasn’t right.

Of course, I was wrong there. After many long hours of hard work(As Dave put it), DMK v3.0 came and slapped us all in the face. A brand new stunning look that you see today was offered. The forums returned a little later and did badly to start with, but then grew into the ULTIMATE MK forums you see today. DMK was an absolute success, and now no longer needed the support of other MK sites to get it’s hits. Don’t get me wrong though, DMK didn’t turn racist to other MK fan sites like a certain website, which will remain unnamed, LMAO. That was evident when Dave introduced the affiliates system, giving hits back to other big sites and also allowing other sites to shine and reach their peak.

DMK went a little blunt coming towards the end of 2003, with fewer updates(That generally happens when nothing is going on in the world of MK). In 2004 though, Dave began to work hard to get on top once again, first with the 4th birthday in February- at that point the site is considered a real veteran MK site. News on the latest MK installment(MK Deception) began to surface in large amounts, as DMK produced lots of MK Deception media and the first ever pre-MK Deception FAQ(By scorpio). Many visitors flooded the site. So many that DMK reached 1 million hits last week, on the anniversary of 9/11.

So here we are- and I say we now because I’m now a part of the site, which means so much to me. Anyhoo, DMK is THE best MK site on the web, only matched by a few other fellow MK sites. Dave’s hard work is undoubtablely the source of all this great work. You can never say that you can do a better job than Dave, unless you have been running a site for as long as he has, battling all the problems and sticking to give us the most informative MK site today. As MK Deception nears, the fans will be buzzing around DMK to get information as quick as possible. And they have every reason to, as Dave will be prepared.

On a final note, I hope I didn’t bore anybody with this- I didn’t plan on making the damn thing this long, lol. I just thought it would be nice for everybody to read how DMK became to be the best MK fan site today. It’s hard to summarize all of the accomplishments of Dave, Adam, and all the other great DMK staff in 2 or 3 paragraphs. Well, that’s me signing out, and I hope you enjoyed this long read. I may try to write something for DMK in the future. But until then, peace!