The Kolumn

One of DMK’s longest running features, The Kolumn, has brought together the most talented writers in the Mortal Kombat Community since 2002 and continues to produce new kolumns to this day. Whether it be Mortal Kombat or non-MK related, our writers have striven to make their pieces as entertaining and informative as possible not found anywhere else on the net.

Over the years DMK has seen a few different faces of head kolumn writers first starting off with Co-Administrator adamDMK with the debut kolumn, former forum member reppy_reps, former forum member WaR, former forum Moderator Richard Walker and now current forum Moderator Lord Paragon. The Kolumn has also had its share of talented guest writers first dating back to former forum member shadow_kick and current forum member FlawlessVictory.

The Kolumn’s crowning achievement in 2004 came in the form of a 10 part feature kolumn highlighting the Top 10 Characters of all Time whom were voted on by the fans of DMK months prior. Complete with background information of each character in the countdown, personal comments from adamDMK, reppy_reps and Dave Rosteck, a slew of imagery and best of all a mix of comedy, no true fan of Mortal Kombat could avoid reading. This was tackled again in 2007, when current Kolumn writer Lord Paragon penned an updated version of the Top 10 Mortal Kombat characters of all time.