Welcome back to DMK.. The Second Coming!

April 19 is here and Mortal Kombat has finally made its way to the States! Mortal Kombat has totally rebooted itself by abandoning the current traditional 3D sidestepping, going back to the classic 2D fighting plane and bringing back the excessive violence that made the franchise so popular in the first place. It will come packed with various new game modes, plenty of secrets and all your favorite returning classic characters!

As great and exciting as that sounds, much of the same can be said about DMK: Version 5! After a near two year absence of going offline due to unfortunate circumstances back in late 2008 under the name Mortal Kombat Nexus, the team of The Real Deadly Alliance DMK Creator Dave and DMK Webmaster Adam joined forces once again to bring the Community Forums back online in September 2010 under our original name of Dave’s Mortal Kombat (DMK). Needless to say, production of the completely overhauled site began shortly after and here we are today! DMK has also totally rebooted itself and has returned to its classic dark look and feel. Not to mention, we’re back with new and improved features and content that now better suit our readers’ preferences! Like most new layout designs released for the first time to the public, we still consider this site as a beta project and will make changes and improvements over time. You will also find missing content throughout the site but please bare in mind we are still working hard behind the scenes and will make periodic updates when content is added and/or completed.

Whether this is your first visit or you’re a long time veteran of the site, we hope you will join us as we celebrate the rebirth and second coming of both our beloved Mortal Kombat franchise and the return of DMK – YOUR Unofficial Guide to Mortal Kombat!

A big word of thanks go out to DMK Webmaster Adam for making our return possible and Art Director JaL for the amazing header images and various other artwork throughout the site!

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