Mortal Kombat X Story

shinnokWhile there has been no official news of any sorts, there are plenty of fan-theories floating about.

Most involve Shinnok, thanks to his cameo at the end of Mortal Kombat’s (2011) story mode. Given that this game loosely “retold” the plot of MK1, 2 and 3, some suspect MK10 will do the same but for the following games story from MK4 and beyond.

While the MK4 connection makes sense with Shinnok at the helm, part of the point of 2011’s game was that it was a reboot and allowed the writers to go places they otherwise couldn’t with the existing continuity. Cyber Sub-Zero is a prime example of this.

The accurate answer right now, is that it’s all guess work. But it makes for some fascinating speculation until more is revealed!