GamesCom details emerge

The fine folks over at The Kombat Tether actually got the play Mortal Kombat X (jealous!) at GamesCom which is currently running in Germany.

It’s one thing to hear the hype train from the people who make/sell the game, it’s another to hear it from a fan with a controller in their hands! Here’s a compilation of some of their experience:
  • Cassie Vs. Cassie intro: ‘Ha, funny.’ – ‘What’s funny is your face’ – ‘You just insulted yourself.’
  • Scorpion is the most damaging character overall in the current build. Likely to change with later builds and patch updates.
  • Some characters have button input taunts specific to certain variations. Cassie will perform a salute.
  • Kano has ‘Air Ball, Kano Ball, Up Ball and Knife Throw as his universal moves across all of his variations.
  • Yellowish-green Player 2 costume colouring for Cassie.
  • Increased frame data info in moves-list: Start up, active, recover, block advantage, hit advantage, cancel, etc.
  • Kotal Kahn has some of the most damaging chain combos across all present characters. 
  • Kano’s Fatality: He slices the opponents abdomen open with his knife causing intestines and entrails to spill to the floor. He then gets behind the opponent and laser burns a gaping hole through the victims head with hiseye implant. 
  • Kano refers to Raiden as ‘the big cheese’ in his intro and then tells him to get his ‘crystal ball fixed’.
  • Dash-Cancelling is a thing of the past. Runs can be cancelled mid-run however.
  • Characters get a wet sheen over them in the Jungle stage when they are knocked into the water.
  • Most environmental leveraging can be meter-burned.
  • All characters have universal moves like an uppercut and sweep but in their own personalised style.
  • It appears some characters have a unique blocking animation. Raiden utilises a column of electricity in his hands.

Full credit and thanks to The Kombat Tether for these great little insights. They are also lucky enough to get to interview Ed Boon himself shortly! We look forward to being able to share any details that are discovered. 

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