DMK’s X hopes for MKX

As presented by Holy Grail. Editors note: This was written prior to the official Mortal Kombat X announcement.

10) DLC 2.0

While we got some with 2011’s Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm Studios’ other fighting game Injustice showed just how downloadable content should be done. Season Pass, 6 additional fighters and so many costumes it was hard to keep track. I’d like to see Mortal Kombat X go one step further with additional Stages, bonus fatalities and maybe even an extra game mode (Mortal Kombat Karts anyone?)

9) Stage Transitions

While Mortal Kombat has had this feature before, I think Injustice took it to a whole new level. While some were comic-book-ridiculous level, I think the same theory could be applied to MKX. Change up the camera angle, make it a spectacle and something people will aim to do in a fight, not just by accident.

8) Decent Tower Reward

The Challenge Tower is a great concept that gives additional life to the single-player experience. However, after 300 challenges – some that are truly rage-inducing – to be rewarded with a mere costume felt, underwhelming. Give us a new stage, a new game mode, a new character even. Either way, make it worth our time and effort to beat all those darn challenges.

7) Kreate-a-Fighter

I literally spent days messing with this feature in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Creating everyone from He-Man to a large breasted pirate (Capt’n Double D) was so much fun and something I still miss. Other modern fighters have similar features so why not MKX? And with the amazing Unreal engine behind Mortal Kombat now, it would be ever more impressive. Plus it’s a great way to spend the bjillion Koins one accumulates. Combine this with DLC and you could constantly have new content being added.

6) Additional “-Alitiy”

MK9 surprised some with the inclusion of Babalities. And for the most part, they were extremely well done. Gore and violence aside, MK is also known for its kooky use of humour and these fit the bill nicely. So why not add another finisher to the collection? My thought is Animalities. They can be equal parts bloody and silly and with the use of camera angles and next-gen graphics, could be a great inclusion.

5) Mass Resurrection

MK has always prided itself on its Storyline, more so than just about any other fighting game out there. So the events in MK9 lead to an outcry from fans when so many of the games heroic characters were killed. Granted, this is Mortal Kombat so resurrection is not uncommon, but to see Kabal, Jax, Nightwolf, Cyrax, Kitana, Smoke, Jade, Stryker and Liu Kang all killed off in the games storymode was shocking to say the least. I don’t necessarily want ALL of these guys in MKX, but they do leave some serious gaps to fill if they stay dead…

4) Record/Share your fight

The new consoles have made a point of the ability to record ones ingame achievements and share them online. It’s high time MK took advantage of this. Imagine if you could go back and watch that time you came back from the dead to kill Shao Kahn or being able to watch how the pro’s do it all from your console.

3) Clash Events

Another feature taken from Injustice, this one just looks freaking cool. Two fighters pause and trade one-liners before charging at each other ending in a big-ol’ explosion. It also acts as a wager system where your super-meter is the currency and, if successful, gives an opportunity for a dying player to regain some health. And it allows for some great dialogue setups between characters, giving them more personality and life. Sub-Zero: “Winter is coming.”


2) Next-Gen Only

This might seem controversial but I think the time is nigh. If MK is truly to move forward, I feel that the dev team would only be limiting their options if they stayed with the 360 and PS3. NetherRealm Studios should take advantage of the new hardware to make it the best possible Mortal Kombat ever. I appreciate that there are sales figures to consider but the new consoles will have been out for close to a year by the time MKX is released. (I’m speculating a little here) More games are heading in this direction (eg Batman: Arkham Knight, incidentally also owned by Warner Bros.) and personally, if there’s one game I’d spring for a new console for, it’s MKX.

1) No Cross-Over Character

NetherRealm Studios have shown their love for this kind of “feature” with both MK9 and Injustice. Some call it ‘synergy’ or ‘cross-brand promotion’ – I just call it cheap. Rather than come up with a new character or include another fan favourite, you just copy and paste an idea from somewhere else. What is this, Hollywood? If you can’t come up with a new character that naturally fits the world, then should you really be adding one at all? Sorry Freddy, go haunt someone else’s nightmares.

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