Mortal Kombat coming to Playstation Vita

Mortal Kombat has been announced for the Playstation Vita.  The game will include all of the DLC as the console versions plus exclusive features that will make use of Vita’s hardware.  A second Challenge Tower with 150 missions will be added on.  While there was some talk about reducing the game’s frame rate to 30 fps, that was discarded in favor of staying true to the game’s original gameplay.

Below Ed Boon explains the new features for Mortal Kombat.

“In terms of gameplay, we’ve always wanted MK to be as accessible as possible. For example, you can touch your X-ray meter to execute an X-ray attack. For fatalities, you can “slash” the screen with the appropriate inputs – say, away, away, up – to execute the fatality. It makes some of the more difficult fatalities easier and it’s fun to slash at your screen to fire off a fatality. I was surprised by how engaging it is.”

We’ll have more news on Mortal Kombat for PS Vita so stay tuned.

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