Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection patch released

The Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection has been updated with a patch that not only fixes the online lag but adds features to the game.  The Kollection is now available in Europe suggesting that the reason why it took so long to get the North American version updated is to have both releases updated at the same time.

Patch Notes

  • New video option to stretch the screen on a HDTV
  • Scorpion’s voice can now be heard when he throws his spear in UMK3
  • Online mode now displays Gamertags/PSN names on the character select screen, loading screen, and during gameplay
  • Lag much improved.  No longer feels slow.
  • Unpausing the game no longer leaves the player defenseless
  • You can now use “Ultimate Kombat Kodes” in UMK3
  • Video gamma level reduced Some players with 1.02 might be matched up with someone with 1.01 which results in a black screen.  Once the patch is available to everyone, this problem should be fixed.

We’ll have more news as more details get released on what is included in the patch.

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