Mortal Kombat: Rebirth was released by accident – Warner Bros originally planned to go after Kevin Tancharoen

Three years ago Mortal Kombat would change as we know it.  It wasn’t all because of the reboot that was shown at E3 2010 but a Mortal Kombat fanatic with a vision decided to make a project that would help his career. Mipworld interviewed Warner Brother’ David Sloan and creator of Mortal Kombat: Legacy Kevin Tancharoen on how this partnership came into play which has made a very successful web series with over 60 million views in it’s first season.

Tancharoen admits that after Mortal Kombat: Rebirth was posted onto Youtube by accident, Warner Bros was planning to go after him but somewhere down the line they decided to work with him.  Below is a piece of the interview.

A lot of people think I’m lying when I say this, but it was accidentally published on YouTube,” Tancharoen laughed. “I just wanted to create a private link to get notes from my agent… but it was public. I wasn’t that savvy yet.”

Twitter started buzzing about it; at first, he thought someone else had beat him to creating a Mortal Kombat movie. Then he clicked on it, realised it was his own, and freaked out about the possible legal trouble he was bound to get into. By then, it had already generated 7 million views.

Lance Sloane, who’s been at Warner for 12 years, prefaced here by saying Warner is open and curious about playing with new forms of content and distribution.

“Tancharoen’s video came out,” Sloane recounted. “The piracy people were trying to figure out what to do. But this is the beauty of working with a flexible company: at 9am we watched this film that Kevin posted, and they were gonna go after him. By 4 in the afternoon we wanted to meet with him as a potential director for one of our other projects.


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