Mortal Kombat: Conquest

Eons ago the existence of Earth was recognized by the Elder Gods. These Gods ruled diverse realms which make up the unstable universe all worlds must occupy. The delicate balance of a realm’s existence rests on its furies – negative and positive forces that keep the realm from collapsing onto itself. Each realm is therefore very powerful, containing a portion of the energy which makes up the universe as we know it.

The tournament of Mortal Kombat started when a sadistic emperor bent on greed and domination chose to seize every realm in his path, transforming them into his ever-expanding collection of conquered realms known as the Outworld. Because our planet is in essence a gateway between worlds and other realms, it is deemed exceptionally desirable, thus making it attractive to other dark forces in the universe.

But Lord Rayden, Earth Realm’s protector and god of thunder, appealed to the Elder Gods who gave our realm a chance at stopping an invasion by the evil forces of Outworld. It would pin the finest warriors from both realms against each other in honorable kombat. Though Rayden is powerful, his true purpose is to help teach the inhabitants of earth to save themselves. The thunder god cannot compete directly in the tournament. Instead he participates by offering insight and wisdom to our heroes. The gods will help humans reach their true potential, but human beings must defend themselves in all things.

The first Mortal Kombat was held nearly ten centuries ago, won by Shao Kahn’s demon sorcerer Shang Tsung, who uses his dark and unholy powers to steal the soul of his vanquished opponents. But his reign as champion was not long lived as he was defeated by a noble warrior monk from the Temple of the Order of Light in China named Kung Lao. Not long after his victory, Kung Lao would be handed the burden of sacrificing his own hopes and dreams of settling down with his one true love to recruit and train fighters for the next tournament. But Rayden would persuade the warrior monk to stay in the city of Zhu Zin and train other Earth Realm fighters.

Zhu Zin is a city filled with culture and mysticism, but also has the potential to be a dark and treacherous destination. Two fighters who find themselves defending themselves and their realm against the evil forces of Outworld include Taja, a beautiful and street-smart thief, and Siro, a muscular, strong willed guard skilled in the arts of kombat. The trio’s biggest concern would be that of emperor Shao Kahn and sorcerer Shang Tsung dispatching Outworld assassins to travel to Earth Realm and kill them, because if they are dead, they cannot fight in the next tournament.

These two evil tyrants also form alliances with other sorcerers, ninjas, bounty hunters and assassins to put an end to Earth Realm’s warriors. It is a trying responsibility to lay upon the shoulders of a monk, a guard and a thief because all it takes is one mistake for Kahn to open a portal and take over our realm. The fate of Earth lays in the balance centered around a sacred tournament called Mortal Kombat. But it is the conquest, which drives us.