Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

The Temple of the Order of Light. Having successfully defended our realm in Mortal Kombat, celebration ensues involving the heroic Earth Realm fighters, lead by Lord Rayden, protector of Earth Realm. But what they don’t know is that one thousand years of sacred rules set by the Elder Gods eons ago are on the brink of being violated.

A portal of epic proportion envelops the sky, as Liu Kang’s win over Shang Tsung brings out the armies of Outworld. An acrimonious emperor, bent on revenge and gluttony invades Earth Realm with his dark armies of Outworld. Ten thousand years ago, Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn invaded a once beautiful and peaceful realm called Edenia. He desecrated, murdered and extracted all life from this once flourishing realm, murdering the King Jerrod and forcing Queen Sindel to become his bride, thus adopting her daughter Princess Kitana.

With the help of the heinous sorcerer Shang Tsung and his Shadow Priests, Kahn concocts a plan to invade Earth Realm without the benefit of winning in the Mortal Kombat tournament. If Sindel should die, the Shadow Priests prophesize that her spirit would someday be resurrected in Earth Realm. This unholy act could bestow Shao Kahn with the ability to step through the dimensional gates and reclaim his Queen, but more importantly enabling him to invade Earth Realm.

After centuries of waiting patiently to take Earth Realm through Mortal Kombat, Sindel dies unexpectedly and Shang Tsung is beaten in the last tournament. Infuriated and humiliated, losing any patience he might have left, Kahn orders his Shadow Priests to conjure up their dark magic to open a portal to Earth Realm. When the emperor reclaims his Queen, it allows him and his minions to finally enter Earth Realm. During his invasion, Kahn triggered a merger between Earth Realm and Outworld, causing our planet to deteriorate while being sucked into a hellish realm of baron wastelands and empty kingdoms.

Now the Outworld armies hunt down the Earth Realm warriors while our planet falls apart. It will be up to five warriors, to once again save the future existence of our realm. Liu Kang, the reigning Mortal Kombat champion and chosen one will be accompanied by his new love Princess Kitana, Sonya Blade and Major “Jax” Briggs to put a halt to Shao Kahn’s minions. But Rayden will have to make the most important decision of his life. With such a disastrous situation at hand, the god of thunder will have to choose whether to watch as the Outworld extermination squads hunt down and take the souls of our warriors, or to sacrifice his own godly powers to join the fight against his own brother in Kombat. Once again, the fate of our future existence is in the hands of our Earth Realm fighters. The honor and integrity of Mortal Kombat will be tested by the dark armies of Outworld.