Kenshi available now

Kenshi is available now on Playstation Network and Xbox Live for $5 or 400 MS Points.  Kenshi made his debut in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and is the first character to be included from the 3D trilogy.  This time around Kenshi has sword based special moves and his telekinesis moves greatly differ from Ermac.  Be sure to download Kenshi today.

The quote below is taken from Kenshi’s bio.

“For years the swordsman Kenshi traveled the world in search of worthy opponents. When a mysterious elderly man named Song offered to show him the location of Sento, an ancient sword worthy of his abilities, Kenshi succumbed to pride. He followed Song to a tomb wherein lay the Well of Souls. When Kenshi retrieved the sword, spirits of ancient warriors spewed forth, blinding him. Song then revealed himself to be Shang Tsung. He consumed the souls, leaving Kenshi in the dark labyrinth to die. But Sento called to Kenshi. It led him out of the tomb and revealed his lost heritage as a descendant of the warriors who had been buried there. Kenshi vowed to slay Shang Tsung and free the souls of his ancestors.”


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