’s Development Team Video Interview

Tony Goskie

Q: Is there a storyline to the game yet?

A: We’re in early stages of writing the stories for MK5.

Q: Bridget Wilson or Sandra Hess?

A: I’d probably say Bridget Wilson because I liked her in Billy Madison.

Todd Allen

Q: What Chip are you using to develop MK5?

A: Our company is in the process of evaluating numbers of chips. The graphics boost is mainly looking at the InVideo chip at the moment, and I would expect that would be the chip used for an arcade version of MK5.

Q: Dreamcast or Playstation?

A: Just playing the games and looking at them I think the Dreamcast looks better from the 2D artwork but, the PlayStation has much better polygon performance, because we’re gonna be doing such high polygon count models for our new characters, will probably exceed the limits of what we could do on a Dreamcast.

Louis Mangubat

Q: Can we expect to see Rayden?

A: Well, uh, I don’t want to give anything away to soon but there’s always that possibility.

Q: When can we expect MK5 to hit arcades?

A: Right now our current plan is to finish the game by the end of 2001.

John Vogel

Q: Rumors that “test your might” and the old “Frosty” could be back in the game. You plan to go old school?

A: Ah, we are gonna have a little stuff like Test Your Might, but we’re also gonna have new stuff that’s similar. Uh for instance.. Test Your Sight.

Q: Rumored appearances in MK5 of Sub-Zero’s sister and a Lin Kuei ninja who can control earthquakes have been floating around the net. Are you leaning towards more new characters then old?

A: Well, we’re gonna have a pretty good mix of old characters and new characters but we’re thinking about having a female ninja like a Scorpion or Sub-Zero female in the game.

Ed Boon

Q: Which characters can we expect or is rumored to make an appearance in MK5?

A: Well if I have anything to say about it, Scorpion gonna come back and if Scorpion gonna come back then Sub-Zero gonna come back. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

Q: Can you describe the more advanced weapon system that will appear in MK5?

A: The way the weapons will probably advance with Mortal Kombat 5 will be in the amount of actual moves you can do with each weapon. I think the amount of moves let’s say in Mortal Kombat 4 was like four or five per weapon. With Mortal Kombat 5 it will probably be more along the lines of ten to fifteen uh.. different attacks per weapon.


Q: What characters would you like to see in a MK3 movie?

Ed Boon: You now I’d have to go with ah… Scorpion once again. He’s my favorite character, he has all the coolest moves, and ah, the actor who played his voice is pretty cool too.

Tony: Sub-Zero because I think he ah, he can do a lot of really cool effects with his abilities.

John: In MK3 I’d like to see Raiden come back but actually as a Japanese guy this time.