Lia Montelongo Interview

NOTE – This online chat interview has been edited (cut questions, spelling and slight reformatting) from its original transcript log.

Q: What martial arts are you mastered in?
A: Mastered well still training is a better way to answer- tae kwon do. Kickboxing for fun – I teach it and boxing just for the fun of it too.

Q: Lia, did you have any background to Sareena’s character?
A: Sereena was easy to pick up – I guess I am a bit of a tough girl….

Q: How did you get into modeling for video games… were you asked… or did you audition?
A: I was asked to be the role of Sindel. Shao Kahn was my boyfriend at the time of Mortal Kombat III casting and one day I went into the office with him and I was lucky enough to audition and get the part.

Q: What was your reaction the first time you saw yourself in the game?
A: I thought it was really cool to be a character in a video game. I would go to an arcade and watch kids play and pick Sindel it was cool still is.

Q: How long did it take to finish your part as Sindel in MK3?
A: 14-18 hours for the Sindel part… Fun heavy wig.

Q: The blooper reel for Mortal Kombat Mythologies was hilarious: was that embarrassing or funny?
A: I thought it was funny more then embarrassing.

Q: Have you modeled for any other video games?
A: Yes just for Mortal Kombat oh and an NFL game I was a cheerleader.

Q: Speaking of Sindel and MK3 -related type things… did you see Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and what did you think of it?
A: I thought it was pretty humorous. No real acting….

Q: How did you feel about filming the movie sequences for MKM, was it new and exciting or were you very nervous… working with such greats as Rich Divisio?
A: I love Rich, I was fine it was a lot of fun. I cannot say enough good things about those guys at Midway.

Q: What’s Ed Boon and John Tobias like?
A: Ed is like the over protective dad and John is like Richie Rich. He wants to play with all the expensive toys. They worked very well together.

Q: Have you been asked to model for the upcoming MK5?
A: No they think I am in LA right now and I am on my way there. After 4 they started using more computer animation.

Q: You said you had to audition for the part of Sindel, how many other actresses were there also going out for the part?
A: I did not see the other girls I was competing against so I don’t know what they looked like.

Q: In an informal voice chat, Rich Divizio revealed that he had auditioned for the role of Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat Conquest, but didn’t get it. Did you try for a role in the series, as an assassin or otherwise?
A: No I was called for a part but I was out of town for the audition.

Q: How old where you when you auditioned for Sindel?
A: 19. Can you believe that one?

Q: How did they have you perform your special moves?
A: I had to do the movements over and over in front of a blue screen so they could record.

Q: Do you play any video games?
A: Now not as much as I use to. I do love Time Crisis and of course MK. I love it at Dave and Busters I am always the pink gun.

Q: How did they have you perform the moves identical to all the other characters… like the upercuts, and roundhouses?
A: They fit us in by digitalizing the moves so they record and computerize us.

Q: For Mortal Kombat 4, did you just do modeling for Tanya or did were you also her voice in the ending movie?
A: I just modeled for Tanya.

Q: Do you keep in touch with any of the MK cast?
A: I do talk to MK cast once in a blue moon. We were more in touch a while back. We were all at the E3 show and that was a blast.

Q: So all the moves were done by computer?
A: No all the moves were us. They just made us all the same size.

Q: How long did you spend in make-up, which was a harder character to portray Sindel or Sareena?
A: Sindel was 3 hours actually the hair took the longest because we had to get to stick to my head. It was so funny I had to fall backwards numerous times with this 30lb. thing falling off my head. In some of the last takes the wig was almost off but John didn’t care. He kept saying keep rolling I will just color it in.

Q: Do you plan on auditioning for MK5 or any movies?
A: I may audition for the movie that would be cool.

Q: What kind of clothing did you wear while modeling for Sindel and Tanya?
A: Tanya was a little hand made costume from nylon it was like a body suit. A bit cold in the trade center!

Q: John Tobias was in charge with MKM right? How was it to have him in charge?
A: John was in charge of MKM and he is so cool just laid back made sure we had enough food and good direction.

Q: Did you get to keep the costume?
A: I did not keep the costume.

Q: Which character would you like to see in MK5: Tanya, Sareena or Sindel?
A: I would like to see Sareena in E3 for MK5 but they will pick a new character I am sure.

Q: How long did it take you to complete MKM?
A: 2 days for the MKM for Sareena’s part. Those guys work a lot in one day to get the job done. I like that about them. I was there for 12 hours one day.

Q: Did you like doing movies in MKM or modeling for MK3 and MK4 better?
A: I like acting it’s fun to see a bit more of a product finished instead of a cool picture.

Q: Who would you say you were closest to on the MK team?
A: Kerri Hoskins she played Sonya. Very cool girl.

Q: Were there any real big bloopers that happened in MKM that were not shown in the blooper movie?
A: Yeah when my bottoms fell off! Well they almost did but there were no panties.

Q: Who are your top 5 favorite characters besides the ones you played?
A: My top favorite besides the three I play. 1 Shao Kahn, Sub Zero, Raiden, Sonya, and Jax.

Q: Why was Sareena in the Netherealm in the first place? Was she always an assassin?
A: She was traveling for Quan Chi. She was in search of something. They knew there were trespassers.