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Kuai Liang and his older brother, Bi-Han, served the Lin Kuei assassin clan faithfully until the first Mortal Kombat tournament. There Bi-Han, code-named Sub-Zero, was killed by the demon Scorpion. Kuai Liang assumed the Sub-Zero name and went to Outworld to find his brother’s killer. Meanwhile, the leadership of the Lin Kuei embarked on the Cyber Initiative, converting its members to cybernetic ninjas to increase their efficiency and remove their human imperfections. Kuai Liang was captured and converted. Eventually, Raiden and the defenders of Earthrealm restored his soul, and he joined their cause. He was later killed in the Outworld invasion, his soul claimed by the Netherrealm sorceror Quan Chi. Sub-Zero served the demon realm during its subsequent war with Earthrealm. Returned to humanity by Raiden in the aftermath, Sub-Zero rebuilt the Lin Kuei - this time as a benevolent organization dedicated to the protection of Earthrealm.

Basic Attacks

Back Hand

  1 Hit 2% (0.5%) H

Gut Buster

   1 Hit 3% (0.75%) M

Quick Chop

   1 Hit 3% (0.75%) M

Low Chop

   1 Hit 2% (0.5%) M

Straight Chop

  1 Hit 3% (0.75%) H

Overhead Smash

   1 Hit 9% (2.25%) OH

Rising Fist

   1 Hit 14% (3.5%) H

Gut Kick

  1 Hit 5% (1.25%) H

Knee Breaker

   1 Hit 3% (0.75%) L

Chin Breaker

   1 Hit 5% (1.25%) M

Shin Shatter

   1 Hit 2% (0.5%) L


  1 Hit 7% (1.75%) H

Ice Trip

   1 Hit 7% (1.75%) L

Quick Kick

   1 Hit 5% (1.25%) M

Low Kick

   1 Hit 3% (0.75%) L

Throw Towards

    1 Hit 12% Throw

Throw Away

  1 Hit 12% Throw

Special Moves

Ice Burst

    1 Hit 9% (2.13%) M

Frost Bomb

      1 Hit 8% (2%) M

Ice Ball

    1 Hit 0% (0.0%) H Stun

Ice Blast

      1 Hit 0% (0.0%) H Stun


    1 Hit 8% (2.0%) L

Icy Slide

      1 Hit 10.65% (1.5%) L


Gains an Ice Klone that can be thrown or used as a shield
Wears a Frozen Dragon Medallion

Ice Klone

    0 Hit 0% (0.0%) H

Ice Statue

      0 Hit 0% (0.0%) H

Klone Toss

    1 Hit 12% (02.5%) M


Gains the ability to create Ice Weapons
Sub-Zero's arms are frosted blue


Straight Slash

    2 Hit 6% (0.75%) M

Quick Slice

    3 Hit 8% (1.25%) M

Cold Blooded

       7 Hit 24% (0.5%) M

Throat Slice

      3 Hit 10% (1.25%) M Pop-Up

Special Moves

Frost Hammer

    1 Hit 12% (2.5%) OH

Crushing Hammer

      1 Hit 9% (2.13%) M

Air Frost Hammer

    1 Hit 8.7% (3.13%) OH


Gains defensive Frozen Aura and Barrier of Frost
Wears Ice Blue Mask

Frozen Aura

    0 Hit 0% (0.0%) Temporarily immune to chip damage

Ice Aura

      0 Hit 0% (0.0%) Temporarily immune to chip damage and takes reduced damage

Barrier of Frost

    0 Hit 0% (0.0%) Parry

Barrier of Ice

      0 Hit 0% (0.0%) Parry, increased timeout



   2 Hit 4% HM


    3 Hit 12% HHM Knockdown


    3 Hit 8% HML Knockdown

Black Ice

   0 Hit 0% (0.0%) H

Ice Age

    2 Hit 5% HL Stumble


    3 Hit 9% HLM Knockdown

Snow Fall

    2 Hit 10% MM

Cold Punish

   2 Hit 8% HM Pop-Up

Ice Pain

    3 Hit 14% HMM Knockdown

Ices Up

    2 Hit 6% LL Stumble

Cold Encounter

      3 Hit 12% LLL Knockdown

Absolute Zero

    3 Hit 14% MLM Knockdown

Arctic Assault

    2 Hit 7% MM Stumble

Ability to Freeze

       7 Hit 24% MMThrow


Deep Freeze

5 Hit 31% (4.75%) M


Chest Kold


Bed of Ice

(Cemetery Grounds -19, 12 2,120 Koins)

Stage Fatality

Only on The Pit, The Kove or Refugee Kamp


Snow Ball

      All Variations
There must be more than 40 seconds remaining
Must be Full Screen distance away from opponent
Opponent must be frozen and final hit must come from an Ice Blast

Frozen Dinner

   Available in all Variations
Sub-Zero must freeze opponent and perform Rising fist or Upward Sword to the frozen opponent for the final hit
Final hit must come from Rising Fist or Upward Sword

(Shadow Spider Kave 4, 4 7,740 Koins)

Pick Your Brain

       Only available in Cryomancer Variation.
Must perform 6-hit kombo ending in Cold Blooded
Final hit must come from Cold Blooded Kombo

(Shao Kahn's Tomb 1, 6 7,140 Koins)

Ice Cubed

      Only available in Unbreakable Variation
Frozen Aura must be active
Final hit must come from Icy Slide attack

(Lost Mausoleum 3, -3 6,770 Koins)

Splitting Image

        Only available in Grandmaster variation
Create Ice Klone and explode with Ice Burst
Must hold   during final hit
Either move can be enhanced
Final hit must be from an exploding Ice Clone or Ice Statue

Secret: Icy Punch

  Available in all variations
   during throw



Kuai Liang
Complete Traditional Tower with Sub-Zero OR
Krypt: Lost Mausoleum 3, 3 2,350 Koins
Complete Test Your Might Challenge Tower
Blue Steel
DLC Free with game update