To unlock Story Mode you must complete the in-game turtorial. This runs you through the basics of Kombat as well as a taste of some advanced techniques.

Much like 2011’s Mortal Kombat, MKX’s story mode is driven by grand cinematics and takes place through several chapters, each one focusing on a different character. You don’t get to choose these characters, it’s all pre-determined. However there are some cool twists as to who you’ll be fighting – some are even NPCs with a few nods to characters that didn’t make the proper game roster.

There’s also Quick-Time Events that appear throughout the story to help break up the cinematics and give a sense of control back to the player. If you’ve played Injustice: Gods Among Us, you’ll know what to expect here. These are not 100% neccessary to complete the story-mode (you can fail every single one) but it means you won’t want to put the controller down anytime soon!

The Chapters appear in this order:
  • Chapter 1 – Johnny Cage
  • Chapter 2 – Kotal Kahn
  • Chapter 3 – Sub-Zero
  • Chapter 4 – Kung Jin
  • Chapter 5 – Sonya Blade
  • Chapter 6 – D’Vorah
  • Chapter 7 – Takeda
  • Chapter 8 – Jax
  • Chapter 9 – Scorpion
  • Chapter 10 – Raiden
  • Chapter 11 – Jacqui
  • Chapter 12 – Cassie Cage

  • All Chapters feature 4 fights (except for Chapter 3).

    Along the way, you will unlock various in-game rewards including Character Skins and Stages. On completing Story mode for the first time, you will unlock Shinnok as a playable character.