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Bio, Special Moves, Finishers and Ending

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Zi Ran Men (Basics)

Reaching Punch


Knee Punch


Double Handed Knee Strike


Natural Palm


Radical Uppercut


Hi-Heel Kick


Shin Destroyer


Foot Smash


Sidekick Bruiser


Low Chip Kick


Zi Ran Men (Kombos)

Perfect Form


Good Seasons


Bloody Boots


Sneaky Heels


Mind and Body As One


My Lucky Feet


Yue Chuan (Basics)

Knuckle Hand


Wide Double Arm Palm


Grasping Palm


Forearm Strike




Stomach Pain


Low Freaky Kick


Side Kicker


Low Turning Kick


Low Turning Kick


Yue Chuan (Kombos)

Knuckle Punches


Knuckle Master


Pelvis Ripper


Finishing Touch


Let's Dance


Power Heels


All Skill


Toad Style


All for You


Do You Feel It


Twisty Edges


Kobu Jutsu X-Fer


Kobu Jutsu (Basics)

Underarm Twirl


Crossing Low Strike


Inward Dual Strike


Overhead Smash


Head Basher


Razor Swipes


Cutting Uppercut


Crossing Tonfa


Crushing Side Blow


Low Snap Kick


Elbow End


Long Ranged Trip


Defensive Bash


Walking Short Kick


Kobu Jutsu (Kombos)

Underarm Slap


Dual Tonfa Snuff


Wonder Twirls


Slicing Wind


Razor Wands


Head Knocker


Tonfa Steel End


Billy Club Pain


Striker Sticks




Special Moves

Human Cannon Drill


Air Fire Blast


Surging Blast

    Hits Low

Split Front Kick


Find Me

    Hits Low

Front Flip



Bone Transplant


Slice 'Em Up


Hara Kiri: Eye Gouging

Must be performed after a loss