Sub-Zero's Bio 1

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Bio, Special Moves, Finishers and Ending

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Shotokan (Basics)

Spear Hand Strike


Forward Elbow Strike


Lower Knee Strike


Sword Hand Strike


Rising Jack Hammer


Mountain Punch


Rising Thrust Kick


Side Snap Kick


Low Snap Kick


Thrust Kick


Low Strike


Low Shin Kick


Shotokan (Kombos)

2-Hit Trick


Cold as Ice


Triple Threat


Cold Feet


Cheap Cold Shot


Frigid Touch


Lin Kuei's Secret


Ultimate Shogun


King's Crown


Peaceful Mind


Icy Pain


Cloud Hands


Iron Horse


Rock Solid


Lin Kuei Storm


Zero Below




Thin Ice


Dark Fist


Cold Blade


Dragon (Basics)

Back Knuckle Strike


Ducking Dual Claws


Upper Lunge Punch


Sun Fist


Dragon Attack




Roundhouse Kick


Low Claw Strike


Front Stomp Kick


Wheel Turning Kick


Sidestep Claw


Low Dragon Kick


Dragon (Kombos)

Yielding Fire


Ice Pop


Tiger in Cave


Dragon Dance


Dragon Plays with 7 Stars


Ice Maker


3 Hit Claws


Twist of the Tiger


Chill Out


Kori Blade (Basics)

Overhead Swing


Downward Stab


Spinning Slash


Overhead Smash


Blade Lunge


Icy Lift


Kori Uppercut


Frosty Slash


Thigh Ripper


Back Kick


Sweep Kick


Crouching Slash


Kori Blade (Kombos)

Bitter Blade


Special Moves



Ice Clone


Cold Shoulder


Rib Breaker



Ice Grenade


Cold Feet


Hara Kiri: Frozen Solid

Must be performed after a loss