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Bio, Special Moves, Finishers and Ending

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Hua Chuan (Basics)

Thigh Punch


Long arm Fist


Razor Hand


Fast Hammer Strike


Hammer Fist Uppercut


Soaring Edge Hand


Low Mule Kick


Foot Plant


Creeping Leg


Hua Chuan (Kombos)

Chop Shop


Blender Fists


Face Chop


Chop Em Up


Face Plant


Swift Like the Wind


Choy Lee Fut (Basics)

Tiger Claws


Sloping Ridgehand


Deadly Palm


Kneecap Strike


Dual Rising Ridgehand


Ridged Knife Chop


Grasping Uppercut


Twin Ox


Twin Fingers


Choy Lay Foot


Snapping Sidekick


Dragon's Tail


Sneak Attack


Whirling Dragon


Choy Lee Fut (Kombos)

Nitro Strikes


Strong Ox


Strong Mule


Bloody Master


Grasping Finger


Carving the Way


Choy Lay Power


Axe (Basics)

Overhead Slice


Whirling Blade


Sideways Cut


Power Jab


Horizontal Slash


Windy Axe


Slice You in Two


Unresting Axe


Stomach Mash


Low Slasher


Pelvis Cut


Foot Slice


Quick Fist


Ankle Slicer


Axe (Kombos)

Slice and Attack


Mystic Rush


Beat down


Into the Shadows


Special Moves

Mystic Float


Mystic Bomb

    During Mystic Float

Dive Kick

    During Mystic Float

Telekinetic Throw




Tele-Kinetic Slam


Set and Spike



Telekinetic Slams


Telekinetic Tear


Hara Kiri: Headache

Must be performed after a loss