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Moloch (Basics)

Deadly Claw


Stronger Uppercut

    16% Knockdown

Twisting Palm


Stone Claw

  12% Pop-Up

Wild Thang

    14% Uppercut

Creature Kick


Ultra Fierce Trip

    12% Stumble

Flying Claws

    12% Knockdown

Ducking Low Kick

    11% Sweep

Head Hunter

  12% Pop-Up

Unstoppable Force

    16% Knockdown

Creeping Leg

    9% Stumble

Moloch (Kombos)

Inches From Death


Monster Bash

   27% Pop-Up

Lurking Creature

        15% Knockdown

Blast Off

      31% Knockdown

Untamed Beast

      31% Pop-Up

Hidden Danger

      27% Sweep

Special Moves

Power Ball


Super Charge

    Heals 4%

Ragin Oni

    16% Knockdown

Beast Lord

    Heals 9%

Furious Howl

    Heals 9%

Ground Bash


Suction Breath

    9% Knockdown

Angry Creature Grab

  13% Throw


The Oni Destroyer Moloch absorbed the gift of godlike power from Blaze and was transformed into a Destroyer of Worlds. In a gesture symbolic of his new power, he slammed his fist against the pyramid, completely shattering the structure. Moloch then laid waste to Edenia, transforming it into a barren wasteland not unlike the Netherrealm. Because he destroyed the Edenian portals, however, Moloch was trapped there, a victim of his own destructive rage.