Bo’ Rai Cho

Bo' Rai Cho's Bio
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Bio, Special Moves, Finishers and Ending

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Drunken Fist (Basics)

Spinning Fist


Twisting Hand


Keg Fist


Straight Chop


Drunken Uppercut


Double Punches

    1 Hit 5% H



Sweep Kick


Crippling Punch




Lift Kick


Low Foot Plant


Drunken Fist (Kombos)

Drunk Fool




Tasty Wine


Tip Toe


Tickling Feet


Twist of Lime


Learning to Stand


Floating On Air


Staggering Strikes


Mind of Stupor


Sleep Walking


Zero Tolerance


Party Time

      1 Hit 5% H

Drunken Stick


Drunken Fist (Aerial)





Straight Up


Over Head Air Toss


Flying Kick


Power Slam


Straight Forward


Gravity Strike


Toss Ya!


Ending It Now


Air Death




Air Kick


Time to Hover


Phat Dance


Jojutsu (Basics)

Overhead Strike


Collar Bone Breaker


Pelvis Hit


Two-Handed Uppercut


Smacking Branch


Upwards Power Stick


2-Hit Strike


Homerun Swing


Power Snap


Low Foot Poke


Under Arm Branch


Foot Poke


Sneaky Branch


Wild Low Swing


Jojutsu (Kombos)

Wild Oak


Incredibly Delicious


Cheap Stick


Strong Roots


Double Trouble Twig


Dancing Stick


Busted Head


Crusty Branch


Popping Twig


Rolling Wing


Jojutsu (Aerial)

Thrash Out




Long Legs


Spinning Feet Grab




Airborne Kick


Fresh Air


Spinning Attack


Lucky Wind


Flip Down




Boot to the Face


Pincer Throw


Guiding Light


Zero Gravity


Special Moves

Puke Puddle


Monkey Flips


Belly Bash




Face to Floor



Upon defeating Blaze, Bo' Rai Cho was transported to The Heavens.
He stood before me, a humble warrior unsure of his fate in the presence of a god.
I had looked into his soul and found that he was a good man and a powerful warrior.
Outworld needed a protector, a task for which Bo' Rai Cho had more than proven himself worthy.
At my request, the Elder Gods breathed their life force into him, transforming the once humble warrior into a god.
Bo' Rai Cho had become Protector of Outworld.