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Millionaire Bruce Wayne was just a kid when he watched his parents get gunned down during a mugging in Gotham City. The crime would define his life, as he dedicated himself to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime—the Batman.

Basic Attacks

Palm Strike

  H 2%

Hammer Fist

  M 3%


  M 7%

Crusader Kick

    L 2%

Batarang Swipe

    M 5%

Flying Kick

    M 11% Pop-Up
Hold   to charge
Pressing   during charge adds armor

Caped Crusade

    M 3%

Wheel Kicks

    OH 11% Pop-Up
Hold   to charge
Pressing   during charge adds armor

Low Jab

    M 2%


    M 2%

Low Hammerfist

    L 7% Knockdown


Forward Throw


Backwards Throw


Bounce Cancels

Wheel Kicks

Used to cancel mid-combo and perform Pop-Up

Flying Kick

Used to cancel mid-combo and perform Pop-Up

Air Attacks

Flying Knee

   OH 5%

Straight Kick

   OH 7%

Flip Kick

   OH 11% Knockdown



   H M 3.90%


    H M M 10.22%


    H M OH 8.41%

Tricky Bat

    H M M 10.22% Knockdown


   H M 3.9%

Mind Games

    M M L 8.41% Pop-Up


     L M 3.9%

High Tech

      L M OH 12.02% Knockdown


      L M M 8.41% Pop-Up


   M H 4.9%

Caped Crusader

    M H M 11.22% Pop-Up

Stay Down

     M OH M 15.97% Knockdown

Winged Avenger

     M M M 11.22% Knockdown

Special Moves

Straight Grapple

    H 8.8% Knockdown

Straight Grapple (Meter Burn)

      Press   after grapnel connects. Batman stops in front of stunned opponent allowing time to attack or combo

Sky Grapple

    OH 10%
Fires grappling hook upwards in a 45 degree angle, if hit Batman pulls opponent to the ground landing full screen away

Sky Grapple (Meter Burn)

      OH 4.25%
Adds Ground Bounce


    H H 6.8%

Batarang (Meter Burn)

      H H 8.57%
detonates the Batarangs causing Knockdown if hit; Batarangs can be detonated at any time even after block or hit

Up Batarang

    OH 6% Knockdown

Up Batarang (Meter Burn)

      OH 8.75%
Pressing   detonates the Batarangs, causing very high Pop-Up if hit; Batarangs can be detonated at any time even after block or hit

Slide Kick

    L 7% Knockdown, slides under most high projectiles

Slide Kick (Meter Burn)

      L 4.75%
Causes Batman to toss a Batarang for additional damage

Air Scatter Bombs

     OH 9% Bombs explode in front of Batman, Knockdown on air opponents and stuns ground opponents

Cape Parry

    H 12% Knockdown
Counters most High and overhead attacks

Super Move

The Dark Knight

    M 33.35%

Character Power

Double Jump

  or    Jump a second time in the air
M 5%   OR
OH 9% Knockdown  

Mechanical Bats

  Call a group of three mechanical bats to hover around Batman

Release the Bats

  5.8% Send mechanical bats at opponent as loose tracking projectiles, can be used to set up combos

Bat Swarm

    Form a shield of bats around Batman that damages opponent and destroys bats if they're physically hit, all three mechanical bats must be active


Following the battle to liberate Earth, Batman learned that Luthor had bequeathed his massive fortune to Bruce Wayne. He now had the means to rebuild Gotham and Metropolis. The cities' residents, inspired by their hero's efforts, adopted the slogan "We Are Batman." They contributed countless hours to their communities' renovation--and crime prevention. The Batman of old would have stubbornly assumed these tasks alone; the post-One Earth Batman, having been rewarded for his trust in others, enjoyed his city's renewal and his role as its benefactor.