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By day, Barbara Gordon is the librarian neice of Commissioner Gordon. By night, she is the vigilate known as Batgirl. Batgirl is an extremely intelligent detective and martial artist. Following the events of The Killing Joke where the Joker paralyzed her from the waist down with a gunshot, Batgirl retired from fieldwork and began using the name Oracle to help Batman and other heroes using a massive world-wide communications and espionage network.

Basic Attacks

Oracle Jab

  H 2.5%

Chest Breaker

  M 3.5%

Spin Kick

  M 7% Knockdown

Low Blow

    L 3.5%

Elbow Drop

    OH 3%

Straight Justice

    M 11.4%
Hold   to charge
Pressing   during charge adds armor
Cancel by dashing    or   

Final Fist

    M 5.5%

Academic Pain

    OH 11.4%
Hold   to charge attack, pressing   during charge will add armor, costs  
Cancel by dashing    or   

Knee Buster

    L 2.5%

Debonair Strike

    M 5.5% Pop-Up

Crisis Kick

    L 7%


Forward Throw

    11% Knockdown

Backwards Throw

    11% Knockdown

Bounce Cancels

Academic Pain

Used to cancel mid-combo and perform Pop-Up

Straight Justice

Used to cancel mid-combo and perform Pop-Up

Air Attacks

Flying Kick

   OH 5%

Double Down

   OH 7%

Bat Boots

   OH 11% Knockdown


Oracle's Visions

   H M 4.68%

Miss Gordon

    H M M 9.38%

All Star

      H M M 9.19% Knockdown

No Man's Land

       H M M H 11.76% Knockdown

Secret Identity

         H M M OH 10.9% Knockdown

Foxy Origin

    H M M 11% Knockdown

Gotham Knight-ess

   H M 5.65%

Red Handed

      H M OH 12.33% Knockdown

Ballad of Babs

      M M L 10.16% Knockdown

Dressed to Thrill

     L M 8.53% Pop-Up

The Killing Joke

   M M 5.68%

Pretty in Black

    M M M 10.19% Knockdown

Dark Secrets

   M M 7.43% Knockdown

Mentor's Method

     OH M 11.93% Knockdown

No Joke

        OH M 10.03% Pop-Up

The Hard Way

        M L 5.85%


     M M 7.68%

Noir Thrill

      M M M 12.55%

Virus Purge

     M M 12.05% Knockdown

Special Moves

Smoke Bomb

    10% Can also be done in air

Smoke Bomb (Meter Burn)

      Suspends opponent in air allowing for follow up attack


    H 6%

Batarang (Meter Burn)

Throws three additional Batarangs toward the ground. Hold   after   to throw three Batarangs upward

Flying Bat

    H 7% Pop-Up

Flying Bat (Meter Burn)

      H 7%
Teleports Batgirl instantly to the ground for follow up attacks


    L 10.51% Knockdown
Sweep range charge

Redemption (Meter Burn)

      L 1.47%
Ends with an uppercut that launches the opponent in the air for follow up attacks

Bat Evade

    0% Starter

Bat Evade: Flying Kick


Bat Evade: Scatter Bombs


Bat Evade: Dive Kick


Bat Evade: Air Smoke Bomb

Cancels Bat Evade into Air Smoke Bomb


Flipping two hit cartwheel followed by a spinning backfist.
Hold   to finish with a Low punch - 7.66 damage
Or hold   to finish with a side kick

Bab's Bola

    3% Stun

Bab's Bola (Meter Burn)

      6% Pop-Up

Super Move

High Wire Act


Character Power

Gotham's Gauntlets

  Stance Switch
Switches between Punch Blades and Electrified Knuckles. Punch Blades increase all damage on hit. Electrified Knuckles increase all damage landed on block.


Not all heroes were destroyed by Superman; some were actually created by him. A technology wizard, Barbara Gordon had eluded detection by One Earth intelligence, feeding information to the insurgency under the code name "Oracle". But after the regime's murder of her father, Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara channeled her anger into a new alter-ego. Sensing the right opportunity to strike, she attacked Superman directly. By defeating the High Councillor, she had announced "Batgirl" to the world in an impressive fashion.