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Cast out from Atlantis as a baby, Arthur Curry grew up on land, thinking himself a normal human. But when he matured, Atlantis returned, claiming him as their rightful king. Caught between a surface world constantly ravaging the sea and Atlanteans looking to lash out in revolt, he’s committed to protecting the entire globe.

Basic Attacks

Flounder Fist

  H 2%

Trident Push

  M 3%

Trident Spin

  M 9% Knockdown

Mera's Fury

    L 2%

Trident Slam

    OH 5% Pop-Up

Whirl Pool

    M 11
Hold   to charge
Pressing   during charge adds armor
Cancel by dashing    or   %

Surface Dwellers

    M 3%

Stingray Sweep

    L 6.75% Pop-Up

For Neptune

    OH 11%
Hold   to charge attack, pressing   during charge will add armor, costs  
Cancel by dashing    or   

Shark Strike

    M 2%

Rising Trident

    M 5% Pop-Up

Sea Sweep

    L 7% Knockdown


Forward Throw

    H 2%

Backwards Throw

  M 4%

Bounce Cancels

For Neptune

Used to cancel mid-combo and perform Pop-Up

Whirl Pool

Used to cancel mid-combo and perform Pop-Up

Air Attacks

Urchin Kick

   OH 5%

Air Stab

   OH 7%

Trident Jab

   OH 11% Knockdown


Seven Seas

   H M 4.85%

Aquatic Ace

     H M M M 15.36% Knockdown

Marine Marvel

     M OH 7.25% Knockdown

Tidal Wave

      M OH M 14.14% Knockdown

From the Depths

     L M 4.85%


      L M M 9.36%

Tsunami Slam

   M M 7.75%

Atlantean Strength

    M M OH 14.07% Knockdown

Orin Origin

        OH M 13.55% Pop-Up

Deep Sea

      L L NB 14.87%

Special Moves

Trident Rush

    M 10.54%
Can dash    OR    while animation is playing

Trident Rush (Meter Burn)

      M 10.94%
Increases the number of strikes

From the Deep

    M 8%

From the Deep (Meter Burn)

      M 5.4%
Adds lightning strike which causes Pop-Up

Water Shield

Absorbs attacks and projectiles while holding  
Water shield can be dash cancelled

Water Shield (Meter Burn)

      M 8% Knockdown
Adds short range explosion

Trident Scoop

    L 5.8% Pop-Up

Trident Toss

    H 11% Knockdown

Super Move

Atlantean Rage

    OH 32.5%

Character Power

Water of Life

  0% State Change
Recovers from combos and attacks more easily; Can be activated on reaction
2 second duration
Recovers in ten seconds


Victory over Superman was only the beginning of Aquaman's rise to power. Uniting the world's oceans under the banner of Atlantis, Aquaman had a controlling interest in the planet's ecology--and economy. His influence did not escape the attention of the world's multinational corporations, who looked to end his reign. Villains lured by the promise of big money to assassinate the King of Atlantis pursued him relentlessly. But Aquaman's popularity served him well. The world's citizens rose up in anger against those who would quell Aquaman's influence. The threat abated, a groundswell of support began for a United Earth under Aquaman's command.